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HEY! Where's the neckwarmer??????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smee, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. The ridesafe cd arrived but no neckwarmer OR stickers!

  2. Jesus! They're stinging us everywhere the dollar hungry bastards! :LOL: :LOL:

    Seriously though, I'm sorry to hear that. What will you do now until summer comes around? :D
  3. The netrider ones are far better in quality :)
  4. Does your postie have a new neckwarmer? :LOL:
  5. I'm still waiting for my Ridesafe CD.

    Do they really exist? I ordered mine on the day after it was announced on www.spokes.com.au, and that was weeks ago....

    Is the CD any good?
  6. Ordered mine on August the 8th - it arrived today (bit over 5 weeks). The Cd comprises of a series of tests identifying or remembering potential hazards from a video clip, though the quality of the video can make it a bit hard to pick some of them. It's especially annoying to have the program tell you things like "this pedestrian is a potential hazard" when all you can make out is some sort of fuzzy blur that could be anything. For riders with poor eyesight however it could be just like real life. :LOL:

  7. Haven't given it a whirl yet
  8. No neckwarmers or stickers when I got mine about 4 months ago. Looks like someone just got lucky if they got one. They did have a competition when they first came out and you could win prizes, maybe that's how they got it.
  9. No neck warmer here either.

    Got tape, cd, key tag, bag, sticker and pamphlet.

    Sneaky suspicion I got ripped off for my $50.
  10. I got mine today too...and I got the neckwarmer :LOL: Another one to add to the collection....Does anyone want the video though, I don't have a video player :shock:
  11. some of us are just special and get the lot :p
  12. Smee you are welcome to my sticker and neckwarmer. Like Vic said other neckwarmers are better. The TAC neckwarmer comes with a drawstring which is bloody useless when you stick the helmet over it. Gave my last TAC neckwarmer away don't see any need to hang onto this one either.

    As you can see from the posting time, today has been a long day so I'll give the CD a bash tomorrowish.

    And you can have one of the many TAC keyrings if you want it as well.

    They could have saved themselves a few bob and just posted the CD, but the Video is handy (though think I've already got a copy around here) and the cheap bag could come in handy as a "small fold up bag" to be stuffed in a pocket in even of emergencies or travelling light to something like the expo this weekend.
  13. I got my neckwarmer and stickers about a week after I filled in the form, which was about 3 months ago :p
  14. i didnt get the neckwarmer :(
  15. No neckwarmer for me either, not that I'll need it. I doubt I'm gonna live long enough to get cold with my observation skills.

    Was anyone else surprised that they reckoned 40kmh into that corner was too fast? I mean, he's on a motard for christ sake he should be able to carry way more speed than that, hmmm, maybe I'm missing the point.
  16. I got the neckwarmer + other stuff delivered yesterday :) I signed on a fair while ago, I guess a month or so.
  17. Thanks Matt I might take you up on your kind offer the drawstring type would suit me better as the bmw helmet is well insulated and the warmer doesnt need to come into the helmet.
    I'll pm, you when I'm back on 2 wheels and be able to make it in for friday coffee as tomorrow I go in for that hernia op so won't be mobile for a few weeks.

  18. I'm more worried by the fact that all of the bikes are being ridden without any hands on the handlebars :shock:
  19. I got my cd this morning. I also got a video and the neck warmer, and a sticker and a key ring and they all came in a bag of sorts. Lucky me. :D :D :D
  20. It's arrived! All the goddies. I'll go up to Benalla next week and check it out. :D