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Hey where's his tinted visor

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Andrew West, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. #1 Andrew West, Mar 1, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2016

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  2. So if they have so called 'unmarked bikes' and these have no police identification does that mean you don't have to stop for them? ("your honour, I thought he was going to rob me, he then chased me so i tried to get away.....")
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  3. Bet they can get to the donut shop faster now :)
  4. God just imagine sitting in traffic and these bikes filter down the middle pinging everyone for being on mobile phones. Would be glorious.
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  5. They still have red and blue lights and a gun on their hip...
  6. I've got no issues with the new unmarked police bike. Might make road users a little more aware of riders as well as pinging a lot more people for mobile phone use.

    However I see it as a double edge sword - I'm concerned that the mobile phone tickets will probably be for people on their phones whilst stationary and the police filtering through - which may have the opposite effect of encouraging people to text whilst driving instead of whilst at the lights as it might be 'safer' for them in that they won't get caught - thus encouraging even more dangerous practices.

    The mobile phone texting whilst driving is a huge issue and one I fear won't be easily resolved in the near future. In the mean time, I'll be keeping an eye on my review!
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  7. "Turn on a dime" ridden a 'busa definetly dont turn on adime. Fastest production bike in the world? Aint that the zx14r?.
    If i get pulled up by this guy i will let him know this information.(y)
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  8. Where were the police at the end of that report? It looked like a NASCAR convention heading down the highway! :p
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  9. I've had the untold pleasure of watching a motorbike cop filter and ping quite a few mobile phone users over a few weeks on Old Windsor Road in the mornings... it's pure bliss and the majority of the people have been young female drivers.
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  10. With that top box on it gets a wobble up and anything over 240 and its very dangerous to ride,It effects the fairings capability chronically,
    It used to be the fastest, but the 1400 kwaka is now the fastest except for the N2, Turbo,
    Plus with all the garbage they have fitted to it, It would be pushing to get 200 KPH out of it,
  11. Oh ffs! Could this be more negative?
  12. Negative??? Most posts seem to be for it (as for booking texting drivers)...
  13. I was referring to the original video. It's like your father telling you what to do all the time. When will we be treated as adults?
  14. Fastest production bike??
    Maybe 10 years ago!
    Wanna outrun him?? Go around a bend in the road! hahaha
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  15. Do they have the same pursuit policy as the vehicle squad?
  16. Aah - gotcha. I thought you were referring to our comments. :) There's never any negativity on NR. ;)
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