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Hey whats this about?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Guest, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. I made a typo and this came up.... Jas & Vic got someone angry? Anything we can help with? :wink:

  2. yeah i saw this once too but didnt think anything of it......
  3. stale topic, do a search.
  4. Isn't this topic currently being discussed on the vent lido or did u really make a typo?
  5. ZZZzzzzzZZZZzzzzz
    Don't you have something better to do than come to a forum you don't even like, and lie about the reason for a post in nothing but a lame attempt to start a shit stir?
  6. Hmmm. I notice the page says netrider"s", not netrider.

    Is it a subtle difference or a mistake in the page because it is the old 'org'?
  7. Yeah, it is being discussed on the vent, someone posted and was curious..... But seriously is there an explantion for it or what?

    I did make the typo when I first started comin here but forgot all about it... the vent thing reminded me.

    & Mouth when did I ever say I didn't like this forum??? Ever?? Point out where I said it? I wasn't trying to cause trouble, I was asking a question!

    Funny, as soon as I mention i'm on other forums that dont fit in with your views, you bring it up!
  8. i came across this page myself earlier this year. (after looking at the netrider numberplate frames that had org.au on em.)

    let me put it this way.
    it takes a certin type of person to continue to pay for a domain they dont use and prevent the ones who do the hard yards (vic/mouth) from having it.
  9. There is a reson, do a search, the thread runs for pages
  10. Can you at least tell me who started it? I tried searching BEFORE i posted this, and came up with 796 matches under "netrider stole"!

    A few too many to go through.

    Thanks Vic

    note: thanks Dante for clearing it up (sort of) cheers
  11. Loooooooooooong story.

    3 People started it
    a 4th come along
    person who registered the domain wasnt interested in it. Didnt want it.
    We ran it for many years.
    We needed the DNS servers changed
    said(sad) person refused to change.
    We tried to get control of the domain that we were running for years
    said person got the shits
    said person turned it off.
    said person claimed that we stole it
    said person using our business names(we have 4) and a fake ABN to claim he owns .org.au
    2nd person lost interest
    2nd person removed
    Jason & I remain
  12. Mouth, i was curious, I searched on the "search" option here and came up with 796 matches!
    I never ever said I didn't like it here.
    I wasn't shit stirring, infact, i was wondering if there is something someone could do (if you wanted)... buy back the site etc etc?

    Sorry for the re-post but dont ever call me a liar Jason! I am not a liar and take exception to someone that knows nothing about me, calling me one.
    You wanna take this convo any further PM me please.

    I realise you have put in a lot work on this site, and a great job you have done but paranoia is getting a bit much!
  13. Yeah thats the post scooter?? Someone asked on the vent, it reminded me, I posted this to find out and Vic was cool enough to explain..... end of story.
  14. This topic has been done to death before.. so I am locking it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.