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Hey Trend Setters? Don't forget...........

Discussion in 'VIC' started by T2, May 14, 2005.

  1. Please don't forget Leno's "Big Day Out" on Sunday week 22/05/05.
    Ride leaves Maccas at Hoppers Crossing 9.30 am after breakfast. :D

    Please check our web site for further details. :idea:

    $20.00 gets you breakfast and lunch, 240 kms of fun and any profit goes to a very worthwhile cause[and deftinately not me!]


    Hope to see heaps of you there on the on the day! 8)

  2. What is the charity?
  3. And what or where is a Chibobo?

    I woulda thought they would make it a longer ride too, me mate and I rack up twice that on a spurt around the spurs on weekends.
  4. Vic I also belong to another group of riders.One of our guys gives up his annual leave each year and goes to Zambia to do some work in an orphanage.

    He is self funded.

    The ophanage has been set up by one of his collegues to cater for the every increasing number of orphans in poverty, due to the "aids epidemic".
  5. I can appreciate that but you dodged my question.

    What is the Charity?
  6. Its not backed by a charity as such vic . He's a teacher and a group of adults and some students go over for a month (fully self funded as John said -T2) and donate materials and build structures just to make their lives just that bit easier . Was talking to Leno about it Saturday and he had some wounderful stories about when he was there last year.
  7. You can go for a spurt anytime , this is to raise money . I also do longer runs but you seem to be missing the main point of what this run is about.
  8. To Vic.
    The charity is the Chibobo Orphanage in Zambia.
    If you had read the link to our web page from the original post that I put up last night,you should have seen this.
    It runs purely upon donations.

    No its not the Red Cross or the Slavo's or the Brotherhood of St Lawrence or Saint Vinnies..

    It's the Chibobo Orphanage in Zambia!
  9. Fair enough, BUT...........

    I clicked the link, it opened up a page for the Whyndam Chapter of the Useless riders :) and it showed me a heap of links to other pages and a short blurb on the front page.

    Perhaps I am not interested in navigating your entire site to find out about some charity that you are conducting a fund raiser for.

    Had you had given me and the others the information in the first place, you, nor I would be sitting here wasting time bashing this stuff out on a keyboard :)

    I'm all for charities and helping out overseas trust me......

    Good luck with your endeavours :)
  10. Thanks Vic.
    We have really tried very hard to make this entire event as transparent as possible.
    It is the first time any of us have attempted anything like this before.
    All we are trying to do is organise a great day out for fellow motorcyclists and hopefully raise a few dollars for these poor young kids who have absolutely nothing .
    Leno who is a member of WWWanderers is actually going over to help administer how, and where the money and work is being done.We are keeping receipts on all costs and a balance sheet willbe published in our next club minutes.
    Applologies if I was a bit abrupt in my last reply, but we have had some really negative and cruel comments from from a few very inconsiderate people. Almost to the extent that we will probably not attempt this again.
  11. Sorry to young to go
  12. It's open to every1 Craig . You dont have to be an Uylssian to partake.
  13. It is an open invitation ride.
    That is regardless of bike ,age,anything............

    If you live at Chelsea how well do you know the marvells of the Brisbane Ranges?

    They are the reason most of us who live in the west of Melbourne are rarely, seen on a weekend, going through the Dandenongs with all that bullshit traffic!
    If you want to let loose a little, with almost no traffic on a Sunday, at least think about it........