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hey there

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cyanide angie, May 7, 2013.

  1. hello to the netriders i have met so far at breakkie and at the marina on a saturday morn.
    just wanted to say thanks for being a fun group of people- dont'have a bike but enjoy coming along anyway for a chat.have taken a few photos for my folio thanks to those who let me. i would love to be a pillion passenger at the marina - i saw someone was looking to practise with = have been on theback once about 50,000 years ago.

  2. hey, welcome to NR....

    theres usually someone willing to take you around the cones if there's gear available...
  3. theres a specialist that does cones really well @Uncle Greg am sure he'll gladly have you on the back of his bike :)
  4. yeah @Uncle Greg would be the guy to ask.... just hold on tight.
  5. ive got a bolt on on my pillion seat just for you arsenic
  6. hey gregy just to let you know we may have to take ian to the dr tonight in Boronia - I made an appt for him but not sure if he will go so i said we would take him. its at 7.00pm - i am shit scared for him - michelle said he aint saying much at all - i think he is not dealing with it. Michelle is working tonight and can't drive him anyway.
  7. Welcome Angie, thanks for the photo's.
  8. Hello Angie
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  9. Thread revival! Welcome!
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  10. The "One and Only" Angie? Hello and welcome indeed :happy:!
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  11. To make it official, hi and welcome Angie, I hope you are enjoying your new ride and are looking forward to tomorrow's practice :)
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  12. Welcome :) what a beautiful looking bike!
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  13. Welcome! :cool:
  14. *kapow* that's how you steal The show!! Welcome welcome cyanide angiecyanide angie :woot: Most awesome that you've now got a beastie and you'll give uncle greguncle greg a run for his $$