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Hey there!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Krollinator, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. The name is James, 18y/o and riding for about four months. Joined up here after my first little "incident" (whoops), to seek some mechanical knowledge. Thought I'd say hi! Bought a GPX 250 after taking my Q-Ride course in feb, and loving every minute of it. Also re-enforced the fact that I love my gear... And get mind blown at people riding around in thongs (flip flops).

    I'm a first year uni student studying a double degree of mechanical engineering & business management at QUT. Uh, I work three jobs, one as a labourer cash in hand, one at a newsagent on weekends and also a "chef" at mcdonalds...

    So yeah, I'm a busy little bee most of the time. Once I get my little baby back on the road, I'm hoping to start tackling some twisties and getting my riding experience up, and learning to control a bike on the next level.

    And that's pretty much part of me in a nutshell.
  2. Welcome to NR. :) I reckon the GPX is a neat little first bike.
  3. Welcome James. There's some good reading in the new riders section. Hope the bike's back on the road soon.
  4. Brizzy, QUT, 3 "jobs", ATGATT, probably similarly riding experienced, (and totally more OCD instead of being a stalker but your profile says you're an August baby too, and a muso I take it). Long lost little brother? :p

    But yeah. Welcome! Those GPX250s are neat as. :) Hope you get the bike going all well and good again soon!
  5. What a busy bee you are!
    Welcome mate,
  6. I've loved every minute of it... Except the 5 seconds coming off... She likes the corners!
    I've been scrolling through before I was a member. It was good to see that a lot of the stuff there was covered by my QUT course.
    Wouldn't surprise me... My mother is a crazy lady! A muso I am! Percussion, Piano and vocals for me :)

    Pulled all the fairing off that needs to be fixed, clutch is on order as are indicators, and she was running fine when i took everything off and put her up on the centre stand! shouldn't be too long now! :D
    Thanks bro. :)