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Hey there

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Shags, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. Hey folks, I'm Freddy. I stumbled across these forums searching for info on various LAMS bikes.

    I'm from the West Coast of Tas. Queenstown to be specific ](*,).

    Introducing myself because I plan to be actively posting and generally making a nuisance of myself :beer:.

    Going for my learners on 12th of Jan in Hobart. 8-[

    See you round

  2. Ahh Queenstown, the heart of Banjo country....:p

    Welcome to NR, and good luck on the 12th.
  3. welcome Freddy :)

    enjoy the madhouse!
  4. Tell me about it, moving from Sydney to Hobart to here was a.. shock :eek:

    And thanks :)
  5. Welcome mate. A few of us passed through there on the Tassie tour earlier this year. Ripper roads all along that area.

  6. Yeah the roads around here are nice, they've been shredding them up a fair bit recently though. Wouldn't be so bad if they would just sweep the road when they finished. ](*,)

    Going to be interesting learning to ride on them. 8-[

    Especially with this as a daily commute at 4am. :eek:hno:

  7. Welcome and have fun...don't fancy your daily commute in the wintertime!...take care.
  8. Welcome Shags - I grew up in Hobart and moved to Sydney, but I couldn't imagine doing it the other way around!
  9. Tailings dam isn't far from Henty gold mine which isn't marked :-s

    It's further up Howards road
  10. Sorry for the confusion. I was just going from the "point B" on your map which looks to be right next to a tailings dam for either Henty or Hercules.

    Thought you might have been stuck out there working on the pumps/lines.
  11. No worries, google maps do my head in where tas is concerned. Nothing is marked.

    I would probably jump at doing that rather than working for my current boss.
  12. That's certainly true. Visited a few mines around that area last year and certainly struggled to find some of them with either Google maps or the GPS, even when I had their address.
  13. ... in the grand Netrider tradition :LOL:

    welcome :)