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Hey there.....

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RossiProtege, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. Hey there, I'm pretty excited about joining this forum and would love to get to know the cool people here. I'm actually moving to Australia in February (hopefully) for postgraduate studies in Melbourne and want to get acquainted with the biking world in here. Since motorcycle racing is my number 1 passion in life (not that I have raced at all), I figured this would be the place.

  2. And where are you from exactly?
  3. Land of the Pharaohs. You have a very interesting nickname by the way.
  4. Excellent English from you.
    Enjoy the forums. :)
  5. Thanks. Cool bike shitstirrer.
  6. you speaken the england pretty good, u should fit in, welcome bud
  7. Thanks goz, how is the R6 doin?
  8. sex on wheels :)
  9. lol, that song "walk like an Egyptian" comes to mind. I like you but, you just taught me something about smee which confirms something I've always suspected! thanks!

    Welcome to NR. What bike are you looking at getting when you get here?
  10. Well, you're welcome, but why don't you share your new discovery about smee? I am sure we would all be interested.

    I am looking to buy a used 600cc supersport ('09 ZX-6R, CBR600RR or R6 preferably) which I will be wanting to spend as much track time/racing courses on as possible. Looking forward to developing my racing skills to their potential.
    What about you? Racer, track day fanatic or just the occasional tourer?