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Hey there Netrider - another mid-life crisis, another rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by PossumBob, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Well... middle age is fast approaching, have done the 'smart' and 'low-risk' thing all my life, then the financial planner gave us advice that was fantastic for his trailing commission, not so much for us. He's pissed away more of my money than I have which is a pleasure I have been too long denied.

    So - given that a couple of mates have gotten involved in motorbikes, plus the brother-in-law, all at sensible ages - I'm thinking of giving the motorbike thing a try. Why not live a cliche and have a mid-life crisis if you can afford it? After all, there's more to life than driving a Kia and watching your age go up and your mortgage go down.

    So I'm Queensland-based, an accountant, studying at Uni (still - it's a good way to hang out with young French chicks; unfortunately I think they think I am their Dad), and want to hopefully go for at least a few blats around the place - rather than a daily commute (hard to drop off kids at daycare on a motorbike, whatever their virtues).

    Although this fad has recently been rekindled by the mates getting motorbikes, it is an interest I've had for a while (mother made me promise not to get a motorbike when I was 18; when the BIL got one, she begged to be taken for a pillion ride! Grrr).

    Doing all the homework, and thinking about the risk, so long as you do the safety course (in Queensland it's QRide), don't buy a motorbike that's insanely overpowered for your skill level (as an accountant, though, anything in excess of 50cc probably exceeds my hand-eye coordination capabilities), go ATGATT and be sure to practice, learn and ride like you're invisible you've got a pretty fair chance of living to old age.

    I'm thinking strongly of the Yamaha cruiser range, thinking XVS650 Custom (LAMS comes in here in Queensland in a few days time). Partly because the mates have one, partly because they don't quite look like death warmed up as the sportsbikes do, partly because I like the idea of cruising at my advanced age, and partly because my back goes into spasms just looking at the riding position of sportsbikes. But I could be wrong - I may go sports-tourer eventually.

    Any advice for a newbie greatly welcomed.
  2. Re: Hey there Netrider - another mid-life crisis, another ri


    You seem to have your head screwed on, pretty much only add..."expect the unexpected"

    Whilst you're having your mid life crisis, most people wont give a toss, so survival's your main aim .

    Your bike choice is perfect for what you want at the moment, and am sure you'll have fun with your mates cruising the nice hills around SE Qld

    Plenty of time, find out what type of riding you really enjoy doing, as there's a never ending supply of all types of bikes

    Stay safe and all the best in your search
  3. Re: Hey there Netrider - another mid-life crisis, another ri

    Hello Possum

    (that sounds so cute)

    Welcome to the rest of your life.

    Wait till those French chickies see your bike, Oh! Daddy! :LOL:

    Have fun in the sun. :grin:

  4. Re: Hey there Netrider - another mid-life crisis, another ri

    "Who's your daddy??!!" Bow-chica-wow-wow

    Welcome, in order to reduce your age, your've done the right thing by getting something that with only two points of contact will fall over if not moving forward, and having a power-to-weight ratio of more then approx 500kw / tonne. :grin:
  5. Welcome to NR, the playhouse for all beings a little bit left of centre :grin:

    Ditto what they said :wink:
  6. welcome here you'll find lots of useful stuff and perhaps many others suffering through their mid lives :p :)
  7. 'Possum' is meant to be construed in a very, very manly context and in no way should be interpreted in a very hot-pink 'Are you being served?' context, but more along the lines of 'biting the heads off live possums and serving them as entree', very manly, testosterone-laden sense where men are men and possums are scared.

    Although whatever works I suppose...
  8. *LOL* I was going more for the Dame Edna angle. :LOL:

    You freak of nature, you. (better)

    Possum biting is frown upon, so find something else to bit. :wink:

  9. Welcome Aboard Bob !
    I also did the midlife thing, and haven't looked back since.
  10. Welcome along PossumBob,

    When I was 39 I scheduled my mid-life crisis for 40 - went out and bought a bike - have not regretted it since!

    Enjoy the crisis!
  11. welcome. careful of TG she fistey
  12. welcome to the new world bud :)
  13. Fistey or Feisty :?: :roll:

    Welcome to NR PB :grin:
    Enjoy the Ride :twisted: