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Hey, that's MY idea!!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Everyone's an inventor at heart, but don't you just hate it when you see YOUR idea in production, and some other stiff making money out of it???

    I remember when I was 14 my brother and I used to design cars, and were also interested in planes. I came up with the idea of a powered luggage car that also doubled as a set of stairs to the plane doors. I've no idea if they were around at the time, though I doubt it, but I've seen heaps of them at airports since!

    So, true stories only, dear Netriders, what did YOU think of first, before some other lucky mongrel got rich on it???

  2. When flip phones came out and became really popular, i designed a phone that would slide, and the camera was just behind the screen and the keypad was on the 2nd panal. So when you slid it closed the camera would be protected and also the keypad.
    I designed it all proper and send the design into nokia. I never got a reply but loan behold about a year later a phone comes out, nearly exactly like the one I designed.

    Fockers! :evil:
  3. hum... At the very beginning of Chat, I had imagined an online game or chat would be with characters in 3D rather than mere window...

    :evil: This bitched Linden has more than I believed in the idea, at the time I thought that this would be far too complicated and therefore impossible...

    When the Chat has grown and as games like the Sims are evident, I thought my idea, but I thought I did not have the means to make concrete a similar trick ...

    And one day, I finally saw a story on 2nd life, I got upset, but at the same time, he was smarter than me and he had more money to achieve it. :roll:

    And I take this topic to proclaim loudly that I work on a true mobile armor (as in evangelion) So, if someone bites me the idea, I have proof that I thought about it before! ! ! (and I blast his face) :LOL:
  4. A good friend of mine drew a mobile camera phone for a creative assignment, back when we were about 8 or 9 years old in primary school - approx 14 years ago. It looked just like a modern Sony Ericsson, and had all the features of a modern phone (except internet, which we hadn't really heard of then).

    Last year his mum brought out the poster at his 21st, he'd completely forgotten about it. Pretty amazing when you think of it.
  5. Paul, think this has been going on for a long time.... who invented a hammer?
    There is no commandment that says that thou shou not commit plagarism. or steal original ideas.

    Over my creative working career, have seen many of my very own original ideas turned into stuff produced and taken as "norm" by larger companies.

    It is often years later that original creative ideas become a commercial norm. By then you have done and are doing so much more stuff. I just take it as a form of flattery.

    ... but I did see in the local paper yesterday a guy who is a plumber and invented a clear acrylic trough like device that fitted under your shower rose and collected the water that ran out while you were waiting for the right temp, or find your soap or whatever, then you pushed it in and it collected the wash off water that did not hit your body, ( you know the water between the tiles and you), then it got pumped to the clearwater tank for reuse in your house. Will this neat little idea become a commercial reality in five years time? And who will make money out of it?
    ..... Caroma or the inventor?
  6. Well guys, hate to rain on your parade. But most people come up with heaps of inventive things which later become products.

    The skill is not dreaming it up, its converting that concept or idea into a real product that can make money. It takes risk and hardship sometimes but if your lucky, pays off well.
  7. they had internal combustion engines back then? :shock:
    :p :p

    mine was a Texture-ometer that measured the average texture depth of a pavement (very important for design) working on sonic signals and averaging the response over a given area, and subsequently adjusting the spray rate to accomodate it as the truck passed over the road.
    eg; sprayer is spraying bitumen, road surface gets suddenly rougher and rather than the operator having to adjust his pump or roadspeed to compensate for the extra binder required, it would sense it and adjust itself. the damn french were 6mths in front of me


    but there are plenty of sad sad tales of those foolish enough to open their mouths. not me tho, im shmart! :LOL:

    a very talented x bf did work experience at advertising agency. his great idea for an add [VDUB FAN he was] was a guy parking his VW, walking off, then you get a continuious frame of car by it self, then foot steps running hard that get louder and louder and louder, then you see the guy who owns VW enter frame and catch a stray trolly [ :roll: ] before it hit his car

    2 years later, that agency did it

    it gets worse

    dick smith management were asked to think of marketing idea for 10 grand. my friends brother told his supervisor to put a huge ausie flag up and a huge dick smith flag next to it

    guess who got the 10 grand?

    the smart guy :LOL:

    tis your own fault paul and your own choice. if u have an idea its up to you to decide who benifits from it.

    cheers :cool:
  9. Bottled water!! about 20yrs back .. but thought 20-50c was a fair price for it !! tried selling it to Food Plus (like 7-11) way back then.. rejected!! Should have persisted!!

    Then after it did get onto the market .. Virgin water .. water that came from the polar ice caps and would have been pure for thousands of years, preserved in the caps!! But then moved OS to chase other dreams .. fugg it, water would have been far more profitable!!

    Not sure anyone is doing the polar caps idea yet .. am thinking destroying the caps further not a great marketing idea/strategy these days!!
  10. To quote a retiring metallurgy engineer that I had as a lecturer, who has been around the world in the materials engnineering industry for the last 40 odd years, put your name on everything, date it and patent it if you can afford it. At least naming and dating provides you a leg to stand on if you wish to take out an IP case against a competitor.
  11. Well I invented a self loading sling shot, it didn't work very well but hey what are you gonna do when you are 8 and bored! :LOL:

    Nah mine was the refillable printer cartridge, OKI was interested but they make more money from catridges than printers so like poor Mr Sarich and his engine, bye bye. :evil:
  12. Ya think :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. [​IMG]

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    When I was in high school, many years ago, in physics we learned that sound could be absorbed by soft materials. I had the idea that maybe it would be a good idea to cover submarines with something soft to absorb sonar energy.
    A few years ago, we did a tour of the Sub Corp in Adelaide and saw that the subs were indeed covered in thick rubber panels to do just that.

    Another idea (not so much an invention) that I've had for a long time was that the reason that dinosaurs could grow so large was because the Earth was much smaller back then, and hence had much less gravity, allowing the massive weights to move more freely.
    I recently watched a documentary by Neal Adams on the net ( [media=youtube]4yqBaD5VwrQ[/media] ) where he was showing that the continental drifts were due to the Earth expanding and getting larger. Which in part supports my theory.

    I've never heard anyone making the link between the massive size of dinosaurs and the possibility lower gravity/small Earth.
  15. Mine was a cylindrical fridge.

    The cooling vanes could be spread around most of the internal surface. This would mean a slower cycling of coolant and therefore quieter operation. Also, all the shelves could be height adjustable and rotate around a central pole so no more 'back of the fridge' issues. Sorting out the outside shape so it could fit in a kitchen was always going to be an issue though.

    Turns out a company made something similar back in the 50s and went broke for their trouble - back to the drawing board.
  16. LOVE the Flintstone's Car :LOL:.

    An uncle of mine on my Dad's side, a bloke called Lawrence Hargrave, refused to patent his ideas, said science belonged to the world. So a couple of Yanks took one of his designs, put a motor on it and flew it :(.
  17. When 16" fronts were just starting out in GP, We were taling about it at work, a mate raced a z900 based bike and I asked him if he was going to switch from the 18, he said the 16's were too 'twitchy' I said Why dont they go for a 17 then, closer to the turn in of a 16 but the stability of a bigger wheel, He said 'no tyre's'.
    couple of years later everyone was using a 17 front.
    In the late 80's I tried to get a few people interested in building Disc sprockets and right hand drive gearbox's for harleys, everyone I spoke to, said you cant do it.
    As was said before, its not the idea, its getting it to a saleable proposition thats the hard part.
  18. exactly
  19. We'd ALL be rich if you could do that :LOL:

    {nice 'lazarus job' on an old thread by the way (y)}