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Hey! That's my bike!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. today is pay day & as usual, I hit ebay to search for new items to buy for my Honda Hornet.

    Imagine my suprise when I came across THIS item for sale:


    That's my bike! They're selling the same exhaust & are using a pic of my bike in the ad!

    Now I'm rather proud of my baby but I was a bit shocked! esp when I scrolled down & found another two pics from my webshots page, AND a link to the video clip of my hornet!

    I'd really prefer if people ASK before using pics of my bike to advertise their pipes!

  2. Move the pics so their links don't work :roll:
  3. I think you should post a question on the Auction along the lines; "Hey thats a nice bike, had it long?"

    Or "The guy on you tube looks familiar......"

    Use your imagination....

  4. The pics are on eBays server.
  5. Ahh so the prick even stole your pics and uploaded them to ebay.

    I have a friend with a gun.
  6. even better,
    ask why the items are listed as new if they've clearly been on a bike?
  7. Or replace them with pr0n... get them banned from eBay.

    Unless they have saved and re-uploaded.
    Most people know hotlinking can be dangerous these days :p
  8. Or just report them to e-bay as a fraudulent auction because you know for a fact they can not be selling the bike in the pics.
  9. Email eBay and tell them the pictures are a breach of copyright and you would like them removed. Refer them to your site for the originals as proof...
  10. they're advertising the pipes, not the bike

    still i think I'll send them a "hello"
  11. They listed a website - www.devilbikes.com - go see what they say there.

    Trouble is, the youtube clip is technically public domain now, so you can't do much about that one, but the pictures are a different case.

    IIRC, a photograph (in AUS) is considered copyright the instant the shutter release is triggered. In the US, you still have to register them. US sites do a lot of thievery and claim its legit because there is no (C) stamped on the picture itself. Typical really, they don't believe there is a world outside their borders.

    Send eBay a complaint about the use of photos that were stolen from your website.

    Alternatively, use the "Ask The Seller A Question" and put something public that they'll have to pay to remove.
  12. Your bike looks damn hot mate
  13. edgelett I guess you should be proud that they chose your shots... still in the great Aussie manner just screw em any way you can. :twisted: :)
  14. I had this problem before when someone used pictures from my previous sale on ebay. I think emailed the guy and he removed it.
  15. gold jacket green jacket who gives a sh*t
  16. This photo copywrite issue is interesting. Iv'e had this a few times now.

    I took some photos of products I import for my shops website and a few months ago I found another shop using my photo to advertise the same product.
    Being the distributor for the product, normally I wouldn't mind but this shop wasn't even getting their stock from me. I contacted them and we reached an agreement .
    I also in the past saw one of my photos printed in an advert in a well known monthly magazine.
    I called up the shop and enquired about the product. They didn't know much about it and said they would find out. I said I'd call back.
    That afternoon, the shop called my office asking to purchase ONE at trade price.

    Then on Monday, I found another site using one of my photos....
    It seem that even though there is a law on your side, other's can just do what they want. :evil:
  17. thieving bastards!

    in future, hop into photoshop (or find someone who can) and unobtrusively add a faint image of your store's logo over the picture
  18. Apart from him not asking first, that's not so bad.

    Though the ultimate compliment to your bike would be for it to be on one of those $4000 "buy it now" eBay sales. You know the ones - the seller, when contacted, claims to be offshore but has left his bike in Australia to sell. He just wants to offload it quick and is offering to transport it to you after you pay your funds into an escrow service.

    Now that's a compliment.
  19. Yeah, good idea. It's in progess.
  20. very nice bike. i like it.

    Eigher way its a great looking bike and you should be happy i guess people are storing pics of your bike. I dont know about taking it further. I know my mate was upset his exhaust shop used a pic of his bike for advertising but it wouldnt phase me. Their built to look at so (well some anyway) be happy were looking i guess.

    I will be retoring a GSXR750 85 model. I have heaps of pics saved for refrence. If i had to sell mufflers, id hate to use pic of my bike now as is because its in bad nick so i probably would use someone elses pics.

    Enjoy buddy. I like the idea of the faint logo. If its stealing bussiness of you then yeah, go hard and stop them.