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Hey, terrorist?! Terrorise this.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. It looks more like a vehicle from one of Mel Gibson's Mad Max movies.

    But this four-ton monster truck is the British Army's new weapon designed to take on insurgents on the front lines of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    British-made, the Supacat Weapons Mounted Installation Kit boasts awesome firepower which will be unleashed early next year. British and other Nato troops are being targeted by roadside bombs and daily firefights.


    Infantry soldiers have complained existing Land Rovers provide insufficient protection from the bombers.

    Now, the Ministry of Defence is buying 130 of the light-armoured beasts – which can reach a maximum 80mph – and will take delivery of the first early next year.

    They will use a grenade machine gun which fires at up to 340 rounds per minute, usually in bursts of three to five rounds, at targets up to a mile away.

    The Supacats will also employ a 7.62mm-calibre General Purpose Machine Gun, which fires 750 rounds per minute with a range of nearly a mile.


    The vehicles, made at Honiton in Devon, will also have a mounted 0.5in-calibre heavy machine gun, which fires huge rounds more than a mile at a rate of 485 to 635 a minute. They are powered by a 5.9-litre turbo-diesel engine and will carry three or four crew.

    One senior Army officer described the new super-truck as a "serious bit of kit", adding it would be a "huge boost to our long-range patrolling capability".

    Senior defence sources say the Supacats will particularly come into their own against the Taliban in Afghanistan's Helmand Province, which has no roads.

    Defence Minister Lord Drayson said last night: "These vehicles are well armed, swift and agile and will boost our capability with some serious firepower.

    "The MoD and the Treasury have worked hard to get them to our troops in quick time, and they start going out to theatre early next year."

    Yes, Gary. Yes!
  2. Millions of dollars of research and the dumbos still put the driver and passenger OUTSIDE and completely unprotected :shock: :roll:

    Have a look at the boring boxes the Australians are using; they at least save the occupants' lives in an attack.....
  3. That's exactly what I thought when I saw it!! Great, the car's indestructible, but who's going to operate it when everyone on board is blown to bits!!
  4. Looks like the "Quad" from Dune 2... :LOL:

    As for protection, it'll take Iraqi's approximately 3 seconds to work out that a molotov cocktail will render it occupant-less. Then the Iraqi insugents have an almost new, slightly scorched death car to play with... :roll: Clever.
  5. Weld a bit of steel on it and robert's ya mum's brother!
  6. It's a friggin Moke with a forward steer arrangement! :roll:

    Agree on the lack of small arms protection, a joke. I'd feel happier driving that thing backwards.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Yeah, backwards straight out of Iraq...
  8. A "grenade machine gun??????"

    I think I just had a MANgasm.
  9. hornet600 wrote:
    ME 3!

    where's the armor plated, pope mobile glass? i would be mift if i was a soldier.

    "ah, so, the problem the government had with the road side bombs was the loss of car"

    now they know our soft spot, they're going to terrorize car parks.

    "all those cars in one hit! those white people are never going to recover from that loss. it will be a sad day in history. he he he. achmen! go wake up your wife and get me some pizza"
  10. Because its a replacement for the land rover which isn't bullet proof anyway.
  11. now that you have pointed that out it looks very moke'ish...
  12. The Brit machine certainly isn't, but why can't they just use the machine the Australians have proven to be very resistant to attack?
  13. Landys are built from aliminium! You could poke a sharp spear through the body work. But it would stop a rock and probably would deflect to a degree a molitov cocktail from directly burning the occupants.

    I hate landys, my old man had a 1964 ex army one when I was a kid, freaken noisy, cold evil biatch of a car. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  14. Because the Brits already have egg on their faces due to our recent display of superior (verbal) firepower against the Iranians... :LOL: :LOL:

    He He, way to get captured Poms!!! :LOL:
  15. By recent you mean two and a half years ago...
  16. Now I'm double posting instead of editing - and it's only monday! :oops: :oops:
  17. They could just get this or this or even something from here.
  18. gimme 2 wheels:

  19. I think they should have just stuck those No Fear and evil eyes stickers on their old Landy's, everyone KNOWS people with them on their car are tough, and the fear of 500 bogans descending on teh car if something happened to their "moit" would scare even the most hardcore terrorist!

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. Same
    I'd make a good spotlighting bus around my place. Wouldn't be much left of the roos and wild goats