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hey team!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by OnThe8thGodCreatedHondas, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. hey all, new to bike forums and forums in general. :-s
    Just stept of a hyosung gt250r on to a Honda rvf 400 and loving the hell out of it! sorry to all the Hyo riders out there but NEVER again. Problem is my skills and my bikes are improving, but don't have anyone interested in going on rides. So i thought i might jump on this site and see what's going down, maybe find out about track days or even just day traps. i'm from melbourne so if anyone could give me the heads up about any local events in the south east suburbs that would be sweet as!
    have good one ;)

  2. welcome to NR mate
  3. Welcome to the longest user-name so far :LOL:
  4. welcome 8th day. good choice of bikes :D (the new one i mean!)
  5. Welcome.

    Have a look in the Ride Announcements section... there are plenty of regular rides and meets.

    Just note that the "Thursday Night Mystery Ride" (which starts in the SE) this week is probably going to be a pretty big group this week (in memory of a recently departed netrider) - not sure if you prefer a bigger or smaller group.

    Otherwise, get yourself down to Sat Morning Practice sessions and your local weekly coffee night.
  6. Welcome in mate, u came to the right place if you hate Hyosungs lol
  7. HiDee HoDee & Welcome to NR!
    It's interesting that poor Hyosung cops such a hiding after reading that Fischer are using their engines.
  8. Cheers Russ, i'll look that up. you go to any of these mystery rides?
    sweet bike love the GSXR's especially since suzuki changed the body in the newer modles, i think they did a heap of wight reduction too.
  9. haha pissed myself when i saw the profile pic. wounder if aus post would approve the same way i do?
  10. Apparently not I'm afraid as the featured individual is no longer in the employ of AusPost and the picture itself being, as I understand it, quite (in)famous.
  11. Hi OT8GCH and welcome to NR
  12. hey graybm, thanks for the welcome! sill try to work my way round the site, its a little different to the old facebook.
  13. haha I don't hate Hyos its just Honda's are better. when I got my Hyo i spent half my night in the garage hugging the bloody thing! lol
  14. I've been known to venture out once or twice - am planning on going along tomorrow (SWMBO permitting :p). I too love the mighty Gix, and much prefer the newer shape (maybe I'm biased though).
  15. hey lowercase, thanks for the welcome.
    tell me about it what a rush jumping of a Hyo on to a RVF!
    so ya got a Triumph spint? i like the three exhausts that come out just under the tail!
  16. G'day hornet, haha i may have the longest user name but you take the cake for post history. beside you know what they say, its not the size that counts! lol
  17. Welcome mate. There are so many good folks and rides here, you'll need a good rest after!