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Hey QuartarWit, did you catch Neighbours tonight?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MV, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. There was a very nice SR in one the "bikie" scenes, looked kind of familiar... :-k

  2. why were you watching neighbours?
  3. I 2nd lilleys motion
  4. cause he told us to watch it as he was an extra on tonights episode. unfortunately i missed it, was picking my sick dog up from the vet.
  5. Hey, I saw the bike and the back of my head!

    There's more tomorrow, I think. First the Einstein Factor, then a corporate training video and now this. I'm working my way into the big league, people!
  6. actually, I remember a thread about this ages ago asking for volunteers. fair enough.
  7. But then MV should have known that QW would be on it. The fact that he didn't but was still watching it is very telling.
  8. Ah, but MV isn't on my facebook. (Add me, and anybody else for that matter - Marlon Slack)

    Ooooh, who has a pretty tophead?

  9. :-O you're right!
  10. Shinny anyway
  11. Done. I missed your tophead first time round!

    Ok, it seems I have some splainin to do...

    For the record, I don't watch neighbours, but my mrs does, last night I cooked tea, & brought it into the lounge room, while neighbours was on.

    I was drinking beer at the time, if that helps my case...
  12. was it light beer, MV?
  13. Just for that, I've added you as well. :cheeky:

  14. hahaha oh noes - the awful facebook add :) i'll live... just!