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Hey People

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sex Muffin, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Long time lurker, first time poster. My name’s Sex Muffin and I’m from Greensborough, Melbourne. I've been riding bikes for about 18 months now. I ride almost every day, no matter what the weather. In fact, I haven’t bothered getting my car license yet because I’m having too much fun on two wheels.

    After I passed my L’s, I bought myself a new cbr250r which I’ve been riding around on ever since. Great first bike, very forgivable and easy to ride. However my restrictions are up in a couple of months and I can’t wait to upgrade to something with a little bit more grunt.

    Looking forward to getting more involved in the community.

    Cya's around
  2. Welcome to NR Sex Muffin (interesting...)

    If you want to meet a sizeable chunk of the VIC NR people, head on over to the Saturday Learner Practice thread and come down to Elwood. Not just for learners either.

    Plus you'll get to see a lot of very nice bikes to whet your imagination...
  3. how dare you use the name sex muffin and not be a hot chick...HOW DARE YOU

    Welcome tho' *tips hat*
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  4. Welcome to NR bud

    But i'm with crisis over the disappointing lack of a little pink girl icon
  5. Welcome to NR, SM. (y)

    Nice nick, BTW! what's the story behind it? :D
  6. Welcome.

    Is a 'sex muffin' just a younger version of a 'stud muffin'?
  7. Welcome.
    Never contemplated sex with a muffin....American pie maybe.
  8. welcome to NR
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I was struggling with thinking of a nickname, so i just went with what my girlfriend usually calls me lol.
  10. Im glad I didnt.
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  11. I thought you did?
  12. Welcome in Mr Muffin!

  13. Hi and welcome to NR
  14. Blabbs gf just shortens it
    - tool
  15. Hello sex
  16. HAHA finally one for the chicks............. so you hot?? and somone from my side of town! ;0)


    Welcome to the Nuthouse anywho
  17. Like the sun! ;)
  18. thread disappoints.

    welcome though.
  19. Now we're talking, although I'm most likely old enough to be your mother one can still wander :angel:
  20. Actually just read your profile and yeh I'm old enough to be your mother lmao, but my daughter however is 22 and into guys with bikes lol ;0)

    just saying