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Hey patske!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by haggis, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. Good luck with your P's tomorrow,
    Headcheck! headcheck!
    :D :D

  2. i'm sure you'll be fine (especially since you're hiring a bike)... who knows, maybe you'll like the CB250 you'll trade in the FZR for one :LOL:
  3. Hey all the best patske, hope you ace it
    My son in law got his first go last weekend, do the same eh???
  4. Good guidence also helped , hey RC :wink: . Good luck patske :D .
  5. Best wishes, too buddy, I look forward to seeing those shiny plates at the next coffe night!!!
  6. so? what was the outcome?
  7. he passed. :)

    He and I were gloating about our successful P's tests on another forum.
  8. Congratulations

    :D :D :D Take a bow, both of you, (and, hey, where have you been hiding Flash??)
  9. whoa I didn't even realise this post was made... Yeah thanks guys I got em first shot now my P's match my red and white bike :D
  10. Well done and a formal welcome to the madness.

    Be safe out there
  11. Re: Congratulations

    Hiding? I'm not hiding! I took my ball and went home a while ago when some boys here were being nasty. I found a new forum to play on with less angst and name-calling. However, forum antics aside, my life is extremely busy right now - haven't had any R&R time for over a month.


    How are you boys?
  12. Re: Congratulations

    haha. A web forum with less name calling and angst? where is this mythical land? This is the internet afterall: name calling and angst are what it is all about.... oh and p0rn and mp3's