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Hey PatB, did you see this DR?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by MV, Sep 2, 2010.

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  2. Jaysus.

    That's a pretty bike!
  3. I would change a few things, but damn that's nice.
  4. That must weigh about.... Four kilograms? With half a tank of fuel?
  5. Where'd my comment go?

    Again, veeeerrry nice. Just needs a suspension drop and it'll be perfect.

    Stock DR weighs (IIRC) ~150kg dry and they seem to have thrown quite a lot of it away. Stick a 725 kit and a hot cam in it and it should go like the clappers.
  6. wow, i REALLY really like it!
  7. Till the gearbox 'slodes :LOL:
    Where's that adventure rider thread where the hotted up DR has the 3rd gear cluster grenade and kill the entire engine?

    I am looking for a DR650 to sit beside the SR500 though... :D

    Edit: Great, now I'm parranoid about the gearbox explodeing if I get a DR
  8. Most of the guys on ADVRider are Americans, a race who are, collectively, mechanically illiterate and capable of killing any machinery they're presented with in very short order indeed.

    I've heard of the problem but I take the tales with a pinch of salt so far. How many wheelies? How many thrashings through deep sand?

    I'll worry about it if/when mine goes bang, then I'll buy another :D.
  9. Where's that thread about the skyline with it's clutch in three pieces after removing itself from inside the engine?
  10. I wouldn't worry about reliability - they've got a solid reputation for it. Hell, two fellows each rode one stright across Australia just recently. No kidding, straight a-bloody-cross, some 5600km or so from furthest West to furthest East. They made it across all that, so I'm sure it'd stand up to a bit of stuffing around in the bush and ripping though the twisties.

    Definitely thinking of parking one alongside the 1100, definitely thinking my trip around Australia wouldn't be right without some serious offroad components.

    CHeers - boingk

    EDIT: And yes, that is one HELL of a bike! Would love to have a pair... one for offroad/touring and one that looked like that!
  11. Get a cafe'd Sachs Roadster as well and you've got the full set of Exciting Things to Do With a DR Engine :D.
  12. After a bit of digging through adventure rider, it seams the 98~06 bikes had 3rd drive gears that arn't meaty enough to handle the stress on occasion, and have demolished about a dozen engines (most from Oz/Kiwi riders, bout half compleatly stock). New, better gears in the newer Dr's have fixed the problem apparently.

    And Lilley, that Skyline's clutch exploded because it was abused, not because It had a design fault :p
  13. That's frigging beautiful! I was just surfing customized DRs. I was going to point out what you've just mentioned, Orb, that it was a problem with certain years. I reckon the DR must be, not only one of the cheapest real bikes on the market, but one of the best value, most bullet-proof, and cheap to repair bikes out there.

    You know, one of the prompts for Yamaha's SR500, was all these blokes turning their XTs into road bikes.
  14. Probably biking's best kept secret I reckon. Does everything, costs nothing. Not super well suited to long distance highway riding (although it'll give it a good shot) but it has no real deficiencies anywhere else. And what else can you get brand new for $7.5k OTR?