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Hey, new SA rider here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by sparky69, May 30, 2013.

  1. Hi guys and girls, finally posting up now that I have passed my Rider Safe Basic and received my learners permit. Haven't ridden anything for a long time, about 12 years, but had no trouble with the course.

    Looking at getting a bike just for the weekend rides when i can, around the Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley and Murrayland area where i live and work.

    So hi and thanks in advance for all the great info this forum provides.
  2. Welcome. As a new rider who caught the bug in my 40's it always sounds strange hearing people say they are coming back to riding after a long break. Maybe there should be a new forum for "I came back because...". Sounds like you have some interesting places to enjoy getting back into it.
  3. Welcome! :)
  4. Welcome Sparky69! I also recently got back into riding motorcycles after about a 15 year hiatus. :peace:
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys, it probably wasn't the best time of year to get my licence as the winter weather around here is usual crap to say the least.

    Still researching what bike i'm going to get but luckily i have a few mates who can help me out, one owns a bike shop and a few others race different disciplines. So a few around that i can try before i buy.
  6. G'day, weather was ok today, considering it is winter. And the roads are nice and clean after the big rains on Friday. Get a bike and get going.
  7. Welcome, SA here myself. Bike depends on if you want a cruiser, sports etc etc
    BTW your mates bike shop? What service does he provide and where is he located. I dont mind supporting local bike shops pending a few criteria's.
  8. Lee's Spot On Motorcycles at Mount Pleasant up in the hills.

    I'm not sure if there are rules about posting up his website but Google the name and you'll find it. I've got mates and family heavily involved in sidecar cross too, so there has been a bit of influence from them.

    Looking at a sports type bike rather than a cruiser. Being 6'1" I'm looking for something bigger framed that isn't going to be uncomfortable to ride for extended times. I'm going to jump on a mates Hyosung GT650 to see how that fits for size and also see what is around in a couple of local shops.