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Hey, new rider from Shellharbour

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by micky_macca, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, completely new to the bike scene!

    Always been a fast car enthusiast and now I wanna get into bikes, going for my license in two weeks and shopping around for a first bike!

    Been reading up alot on the forums and im leaning towards a Honda CBR250RR

    Hope to meet with some of you guys when I get on the road :)


  2. you'll definitely see me around on your roads :wink:

    welcome to Netrider :LOL:
  3. welcome macca, same boat as you, just bought a new 09 SUZUKI GSXR600, you will find pics under "my new ride" forums. where abouts you located? first bike will depend on the style of bike you like! personally into sport bikes, my first was a ninja 250r but the bars are too high i found, there is always if you dont want to spend too much money straight up the Hyosung GT250R or the new LAMS approved Hyosung GT650RL, heaps to choose from, hope you find a good first bike mate!
  4. welcome bud :)
  5. Thanks guys, I looked at a new ninja 250r at Trevor Jordan in Wollongong the other day. I like the look of them, and at 8 grand with good resale they are tempting too...
  6. check out the all new ninja 650 lams legal also, will be a huge seller
  7. Welcome, macca. After my bike comes back from repair and my body allows, you'll see me on your roads too. Look forward to meeting you. If I can help in any way, let me know.
  8. Yeah the Ninja's keep their value, but 8k is a bit too much to pay for the Ninja the most I paid for one (i had 2) was $7400 onroad. The 650RL Ninja is roughly $11,000k onroad, Hyosung have a deal at the moment where as they are offering $500 of the price, there is a dealer up my way BROOKVALE selling the 650RL for $9800 on road. Another good bike to check out is the Kwaka ER6nl (basically the 650RL without the fairing), seen a few of these on the road and they are about $1500 cheaper than the 650RL. The Ninja 250R was a good bike but sounds terrible even with a different exhaust on it. Food for thought mate!!!
  9. Hey thanks for the info :) yeh I looked at a 650RL at Trevor Jordan as well, from what he told me though it wasn't gonna be alot quicker than the 250 anyway because they are basically restricted for the LAMS's scheme anyway.

    I've pretty much come to the realisation that as soon as i'm 25 ill be getting a bigger bike, so its not too much punishment to be on a 250 for about a year and a half and really focus on learning to ride well...not so much go fast!!

    Get some good experience cornering (maquarie pass) and with my emergency braking and takeoffs!

    Im sure one day soon I'll just jump on and it will be second nature!!
  10. The good thing about the LAMS 650RL's is that once you get your full license they can chip it to allow it to have the full power, however good idea with sticking to the 250 while you get your experience up. I was impatient and got fed up of being left behind at the lights haha !!!
  11. Hey macca, by all means check out the learner legal 650's, but the little 250's are a great starting point. My first bike was a Yamaha FZR250R, and after a few years on that I stepped straight onto a Hayabusa. I'm just down the coast a bit from you and my missus is on her L's, hoping to get her P's sometime next month.

    Have you got mates with bikes to ride with once you get your confidence up? If not, sing out- I'm sure someone here will head out with ya. Any excuse for a ride!
  12. Yeh my good mate has an R1 and he said he will snail around with me and teach me the ropes!

    Spent years in high powered V8's, really keen for a new challenge but :)
  13. Hey guys, bit of an update! Today I am heading off too Unanderra to do my Pre Learner Riding course :D

    Have also started looking at some older second hand bikes (cheapies) such as ZZR-250's!

    Got my eye on a few and hopefully will picking something up shortly!

    Wish me luck...
  14. HiDee HoDee & Welcome
    Good luck with the learners course - just relax, have fun and it will be a breeze. There's been a few newbies around lately and good advice has been given freely in regards to not being afraid to take some time to find the right bike and quite possibly graabing your riding gear ahead of picking up a bike.
  15. how did u go macca?
  16. Hey goz, all went well yesterday :) bit of a sore back though from being tense I guess, just gotta relax!

    Starts again at 12 today and then hopefully I will get my green paper thingy and go down the rta first thing Monday morning to do the computer test :)

    All the worrying and stressing I did before hand was for no reason anyway, anyone with half a brain and some hand/foot co-ordination shouldn't have any trouble!!

    Now I just gotta get my bike lol
  17. hehehe thats what i try to tell the noobs when they go for their 1st time, honestly, there is no need to stress and worry about the course, just listen to what they tell you and dont be a smart ass, they always come back and say "you where right" :)
  18. Congrats, you're getting there.
  19. Update:

    Went into the RTA this morning and left with a shiny new license :)

    All that is left now is the bike as I've taken the advice and bought good quality gear before I hop on a bike!!

    It's killing me having a license now but no bike to ride...all in good time but...

    Thanks for the support guys!!
  20. Good on ya mate, enjoy the new life now :)