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Hey. New member from Sydney. edit:pic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by FLAT SIX, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Hey all.

    Found out about netrider from a bike website. Been interested in bikes since ages ago and finally decided to take the big step and get my licence....

    EDIT: bought a Honda cbr250rr a month back.


  2. Welcome Flat6,
    So you've got your licence? Congrats! Is you personalized plate your name or something else?
    Any idea what sort of bike you want? Check the forum sales section - I think there are still a few two-fiddies there.
  3. Hey

    Yep, got my licence!

    Personalised plate is DONOR.

    I plan on getting a 1 liter bike later, so would like to learn on something more sports oriented. Mainly looking at ads for CBR250RR/ZXR250 (& the like). I didn't think i was this impressionable, but after speaking to a few people I might opt for a non fairing bike. Maybe a VTR250?

  4. welcome to the forum
  5. Thanks for the welcome.

    I was surprised by how many riding/social events you guys have. Will make my way to one soon...
  6. Hey there Flat6 welcome to the forum :grin: happy riding!
  7. Flat Six? So, you own a Porsche? Or a big Subaru? (Obviously not a Gold Wing, yet :LOL:)

    Whatever, Anthony welcome to the participating part of Netrider; you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll gnash your teeth, but you'll never be bored :).
  8. Hi Paul,

    First guess was correct

    I met some members on a quick run the other night...friendly bunch from an awesome forum. Thanks for the welcome.
  9. aha, noice!!!

    One day I'll tell the story about how I wrote to the Porsche factory when I was 15 and asked for a picture of the just-released 911, and received an envelope FULL of stuff, most of it in German, about the 911/912. And I still have it.....

    :oops: I just told the story, didn't I??
  10. Hello mate. I'm from inner west too. We'll have to hook up for a ride when you get your wheels.
  11. Get outta' that Porsche and onto a bike - quickly!

    PS. Good work keeping up with us the other night.
  12. Hornet: Porsche's and young children go together. The dealers always look after them very well. Not quite the same when you are a young man.... In just over a month the porsche club is heading past wollongong on a childrens hospital/canteen drive. I'll give you a heads up around the time..

    I'll definitely be up for a ride, Charles. There's so many bikes in Newtown!! Is that the capital? haha

    JJ - Yeah was pretty easy until the overtaking up near Bondi golf course. See you on a ride soon.
  13. R U sold on the VTR yet or what?
  14. Hi there and welcome, FLAT SIX :grin:
  15. Hey JJ,

    Got my jacket, gloves and a Shoei xr1000 helmet today. Have been sold on the CBR's. Trying to find one. Got a garage to store the bike in the eastern suburbs, so i will be an east side rider!
  16. Nice work.
  17. hahahaha yeah the eastside riders!!!

    be back on the horse this week i hope! so i'm sure i'll meet you Flat six!

    Where abouts are you in the inner west?
  18. bit late of a reply, but i did get a bike.

    now for the Ps test...