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Hey New City Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NaFFeMac, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. Hi got a 2012 Honda Cbr250r been riding for a few weeks and loving it.

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  2. Welcome aboard ;)
  3. Welcome to the forum
  4. Welcome, you meet the nicest people on a Honda.....
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  5. welcome aboard :)
  6. Thanks guys. Looking forward to checking out the forum.
  7. Welcome, and glad to hear you are enjoying your cbr.
    All that commercial teaches me is that I don't need a helmet, right? ;)
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  8. Yeah, it's kinda cute to see how much times have changed; I guess Honda were really aiming at the aspirational middle-class market, to distinguish themselves from the Harley riders in the US, and the hard-core 'bikers' in Europe and Britain....
  9. Welcome mate
  10. Welcome to NR...
  11. Welcome mate. Sydney I guess? If you're getting comfortable on the road and want someone to ride with give me a yell, I get a few weekdays off here and there and quite like taking it easy through the national park or meandering up the old pacific highway on a quiet day. There's a few nice rides that aren't too far away
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  12. Welcome to the forum
  13. Welcome! I move to Wollstonecraft in a couple weeks if you want a riding buddy
  14. Welcome along neighbour.
    Happy riding to you
  15. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
  16. Welcome! Join us for a ride sometime, usually plenty of rides happening in Sydney.
  17. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  18. Aloha NaFFeMacNaFFeMac ,

    Nice bike to start off with :) happy riding with the NSW mob, they're an awesome bunch! :)