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Hey Netriders!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by loth, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. As you can see from my post count, I've actually posted before introducing myself, which is a bit rude :p I apologise for that.

    My name's Trevor, from Sydney, in the Eastgardens / Maroubra, if those areas are unknown to you, 15 mins ride from Bondi Junction.

    I got my Learner liscence a few weeks ago, and just recently acquired a bike. Green GPX 250 '99. At first I thought "ewwww green" but it was a very good deal and as I am budget constrained I simply had to go for it. Surprisingly though, the color has been growing on to me :grin:

    I've been searching the web for a good source of info on bikes, and as soon as I trolled NR, I knew this place was/is a gold mine. So far I've been leeching info from here (like how to purchase a 2nd hand bike) and well... I want to give back what I took. I would like to contribute as much as I can, whether it be making people laugh, keeping people entertained... and maybe when I got a little more experience, actually post useful stuff :wink: I have been thinking of joining as an official member but as I said... lack of finance :oops: I'm still a squid, unwillingly. Hopefully will save up enough money to buy appropriate gear soon!

    I have been on the look out for NSW rides, looks like there aren't many around these days. Maybe because of the christmas period? Or most likely because most of the guys like to keep the rides 'private' :wink: .

    Anyway I'd love to meet up with you people to socialise / learn a lot more about riding since I'm kind of new to NSW roads and don't really know my way around.


  2. Welcome (officially) Trevor.

    Rides aren't kept secret, by any means; just check the NSW events section, and any rides that are properly posted will end up in the 'last posts since your last visit' section too. We're always anxious to add to our Sydney-based rides, and all rides take into account experience and ability, so don't worry about being a beginner.

    We've probably had the last 'official' ride for the year, lots of people on hols though so there will be rides posted....
  3. Welcome to the forums Loth :grin: Silly season at the moment, but continues all year round on here :LOL:
  4. Welcome & I think we might excuse you for your rudeness :wink:
  5. Welcome loth. Green is the only colour for kwakas... or maybe black. actually that new matte blue on the Z1000 looks pretty damn sweet. And the silver ER6F is sooo hawt.

    I've posted a few times here too and have yet to make my official introduction... how rude of me. :grin: :oops:
  6. Yeah welcome loth, have fun, yep, Cruisingal is right, silly season all year round here and yep, green does grow on you.........like MOULD :LOL:
  7. how are ya bud???

    to get you out of trouble... i realised i never introduced myself either...

    so you had about 300 odd posts before being as much of a prick as me!!! my bad.


    my name's Ben, I live in Fairfield, I drink too much. My bike is rooted. My jaw is broken. Eddy (blodders) can give you all the dirt on me you wish you never asked. sorry the thought didn't cross my mind sooner :grin:
  8. Welcome Loth, nice to have you here. :)
  9. Welcome flexo... er... I mean... Loth! :LOL:
  10. nah no welcoming me man, it's just been too long.........