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Hey Netriders!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by b3nj4m1n, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Greetings all

    I'm Ben and I'm not very good at introductions.

    I impulse bought a FZR 250 in my younger years and rode for about 6 months before stacking it and moving on. Moved to the UK for 6 years and decided it was too sodden to be bothered. Then I went traveling and impulse-bought another bike, this time in India (Enfield Thunderbird). Rode that baby around the country for 9 months before returning home to Aus. Been driving a WRX for the last few years which has quenched my thirst for a fun machine until about a month ago when I finally got around to doing the Q-Ride for my R license.

    Bought a bike a couple of days ago - a Kwaka Er6-nl (the lams one since I want to take a pillion and can't legally do it on an R class bike). So far just doing the commute but also looking forward to some group rides and general bombing around the sunny coast on it.

    So, Hi!
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  2. Groovy baby! That's awesome story about the bikes and prob cool places you would have seen :)

    Welcome to the forum b3nj4m1nb3nj4m1n . You'll find plenty of like minded nuts here and a few are up from Brizzy & Sunnie Coast way :happy:(y)
  3. gday b3nj4m1nb3nj4m1n welcome to NR - you will like it here!
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  4. Welcome mate :cool:

    I do like the looks of the Er6-nl :)
  5. welcome mate. Your intro skills are fine
  6. Welcome! That intro wasn't that bad at all
  7. Welcome. Ive been looking at the same bike as an upgrade. Enjoy and stay safe
  8. Hey mate welcome
  9. Awesome stuff b3nj4m1nb3nj4m1n

    Welcome to NR...

    India on a 'Bullet', eh? That's quite a story... Did you go towards Ladakh as well?
  10. welcome aboard :)
  11. Cheers. Yeah up through the Spiti area to Manali then right up to Leh and surrounds, then back down through Kashmir. Even wrangled permission to travel through the military zones right up at the LOC after landslides took out the main road. Amazing experience!
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  12. I can imagine... The experience would have been awesome.

    Have you got any pics anywhere??

    One day...
  13. I need to get off my butt and get them online somewhere. I will link them here when I do. My profile pic is from Nubra valley near Leh. Let me know when 'one day' comes around, I'd love to go back haha.
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  14. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.