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Hey Netriders! Few questions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by James Hart, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. First post on here! looking forward to getting into this whole Motorcycle deal.. I do have some questions but don't know where they should be going..

    1st: Looking at the Honda CBR500, Wondering if, Engine strain comes into play when a bigger dude rides say a Ninja300.. I recently sat on one of those and felt like it was way too small for me.. the CBR500 feels great!

    One Source has told me that engines are built strong and its silly to worry about, but will I get a better lifespan out of the engine if its slightly more powerful than a 300?
  2. First things first, go and introduce yourself in the Welcome forum before someone bites your head off.

    Second, welcome :)

    Third, if the 300 felt too small physically, then the power is irrelevant, you won't be comfortable.
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  3. you'll get longer lifespan if you don't pin it off every lights and corner.... but that's unlikely with a LAMS bike :D
  4. welcome aboard :] test them all get what feels right for you :]
  5. Welcome. Too small physically is only going to be uncomfortable, and frustrating.

    Regarding longevity, it is highly improbable you will be the owner when the engine reaches the end of it's normal life. You'll onsell it and move to something bigger.
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  6. Agree, the lifespan of a LAMS bike is fairly irrelevant. And with most bikes it's the cumulative cost of renewing things like suspension, brakes, bearings, charging system and electrics that make them unfeasible long before the motor gives up. Be comfortable.
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  7. All of what they said; Welcome too!
  8. Welcome, my experience with owning two bikes, both Lams. A Honda vt250 and a ninja 300. Confidence is key, you have to trust and feel good on the bike. Test rides are a must and if possible look around a lot more and try different bikes, you have nothing to lose but your opinion of the bike.
  9. Welcome to the nuthouse.

    The only piece of advice I will give is the larger the capacity, within reason, the easier the bike is to ride. Whilst a 250/300cc is great for the first month or two, as your confidence increases you may find it 'wanting'. The best LAMS bike ever is a Suzuki GS500(f). The Honda 500 would also be very good, but they are only new and there would not be a lot on the 2nd had market and I assume they would be 'expensive'. Look at the Kwakas (600/650cc LAMS).

    As said by others, sit on each bike and ensure everything falls well to hand (and foot). Comfort is key to enjoying your riding
  10. Engine lifespan and power are not directly linked. Lifespan is more directly linked to how hard the engine needs to be revved. Of course all else must be equal.

    So generally a larger capacity bike will tend to have a better life, not because it has more power, but because it has more torque. But if it's had the fcuk tuned out of it, so you have to rev the tits of it, it may in fact have a lesser lifespan. Equally, two engines of the same capacity, the more powerful one will tend to be the less reliable, because you can bet it needs to rev harder.

    This is of course largely secondary when compared to build quality. Most of the mainstream bikes have similar build quality, so just do some searching on the problems associated with specific models. And filter the responces a bit. Their is a lot of opinion out there that is based on opion, that is based on rumour.

    Honda being singnificantly better quality is a good example of dubious fact, particularly at the cheap end of the market.