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Hey Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Shadowride, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    Been a long time lurker on these forums, decided I wouldn't start posting till I had a bike again. I'm 24 years old from Sydney Area, and grew up riding on trail bikes etc. about 5 years ago while still on my L's had an off when a driver happened to not see the red light and continued to proceed through the intersection as I was halfway through (green arrow to turn).

    One broken leg later I was itching to get back on, but circumstances and fate kept me away.... Now after convincing the fiancee, friends and family im good to go again but the bullet and got my L's.

    Recently purchased a 2012 Hyosung GT650R, and although I had alot of misgivings on buying a Hyo, so far have been impressed and build quality seems to have improved alot, with no noticeable issues yet.

    Slowly getting my confidence back up, surprised quite a few skills never left me and looking to start doing some longer rides (Putty Road, Old Pac etc.) and start doing some courses like HART etc.

    I know its a long post, just happy to be back on the bike again!!!
  2. Terrific to see you back on a bid again.
  3. Bid = bike
  4. Indeed, welcome (back) :) :)
  5. Welcome back!

    I believe a lot of the issues with Hyo's are in the earlier models, the EFI edtions have been much better constructed. They've always been hit and miss though, you might have one of the good ones ;)
  6. Hope so, done a ton of research before I bought and just seemed to be the best fit for me, rode a couple of other favorites (GS500F, CB400...) but just didn't feel right. Part of the attraction for me with motorcycles is hands on maintenance, but hopefully wont be too much!!!
  7. cb 250 turnsignal flasher issues

    i have a 1991 cb250 nighthawk that i am workikng on i installed a new set of turn signals . the turn signals will come on but will not flash the signals i installed are not oem they are smaller in size so i am thinking that i need a smaller resistor in the flasher if so do any of yall know where i could find one thanks.
  8. Re: cb 250 turnsignal flasher issues

    Weird place to ask this question (in someone elses intro posting), but the globe wattage is probably wrong. A resistor isn't the way to fix it. Check what globes are correct for the original blinker setup. Maybe 12V 10W or similar, then get the same rating for the new blinker housings (even if they are a different style or size) and the original flasher can should then flash at the correct rate.