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Hey netrider, Sydney east.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Twistin, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. Hey all,
    My name is Martin, I'm from eastern suburbs Sydney.
    Been riding off road bikes for a few years and now decided to give the road bikes a go.
    I bought a cbr500r which I'm picking up tommorow morning so pretty excited, should be a fun learner bike. Saw it today and it looks better than I thought in person.
    Anyway looking forward to some netrider meets/rides once I get a few hours riding under my belt lol.
    Cheers all,
    Pics of my toys for anyone interested
    KTM 250exc 6 days

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  2. Hey Martin, welcome
    Congrats on the new bike :riding: Cool
  3. Congrats on the new bike! I'm looking forward to reading your review. I'm about to do my Ls and this bike or the naked version is one of the bikes I'm considering.
  4. Welcome.

    Nice bike I'd be interested in how you find too.

    I'm down to test ride them on may 5.
  5. Sup ****....welcome
  6. Great bike, ENJOY.
  7. Thanks all,
    Had a decent ride of the cbr500 over the weekend, nice bike. I'm very happy with it in all areas and it will be more than enough bike for me for the time being.
  8. Little bit better pic of the bike
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  9. Are the red ones still LAMs approved ? ... coz you know what they say ;)
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  10. Welcome, as I said in Spicy's welcome thread.
    Me and a few others on here do fairly regular rides together - you're welcome to join us.
  11. Welcome Twistin.
  12. Hey,
    Defitnetly take u up on at offer, when u guys heading out next???
  13. I can imagine you on that bike Pugsly :)

    oh and welcome to Twistin ... damn that red is nice ...I'm a fan of the mid weight bikes :)
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  14. This weekend, up to the mountains. There's riders coming from the CBD, Gosford and Mt Druitt (and me coming from Scotland Island). Hit me up on PM towards the end of the week and we'll get the details sorted.
  15. Yeah loving the red, the white tri color was my first choice but none in oz till June, way too impatient for that plus the reds grown on me.
    Will do,
    Cheers bud!!!!
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  16. welcome mate.
  17. Sure, leave out the guy from Dundas Valley. Just because we have a village of Russian Communists here.
  18. Have to say the bike looks very tidy Twistin.

    109er, i'll take you up on the offer of a ride day too, with a couple of other mates from north sydney.
  19. Now I'm going to have be stay up baking ALL BLOODY NIGHT cause I don't have enough scones for a big group.