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hey need some bike advise

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by devo, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. Hey great site.

    I got my l's on the weekend and have been riding my mates fzr250rr whilst im looking for a bike. my problem is ive only ridden that bike, the cb250 when going for my l's (so barely) and a GPX250 on a test ride. So i cant really decide what i want. I always thought that i would get something similar to a GPX for learning but now that ive ridden my mates FZR for the last 4 days the GPX seems a bit breathless especially when over-taking on highways etc, and ive grown attached to his fzr. My problem is is it worth buying a faster 250 and grow into it whilst your on your l/p's or get something slower while your learning. My fear is that ill get bored on a slower bike later on when im a more confident and better rider. Also secondly on a similar note is it worth spending money on a more expensive bike ie 4g+ or just get a p.o.s for a while?

    Im kinda thinking of spending 2.5-3.5 for a bike on road what would you recomend, cos im a bit confused as a lot people ive spoken to are a bit biased to what they rode as their first bike without giving me a good reason as to why i should get bike a over bike b.

    cheers thanks in advance, oh so if anyone is selling let me know too i dont know how much longer my mate is going to let me keep riding his bike :(

  2. Hi Devo,

    I'm not going to try and give bike advise cause I havn't riden many different types and would fall into the "biased" category - but welcome to Netrider


  3. For myself, first thing I concern about is the seat height, can the bike be lower down? weight of the bike, because I am short rider and not used to heavy weight, I only rode on CB250 for 3 hrs when I learn motorbike.

    Then depends on you budget, then how old is the bike, you can be limit the choice down alot. then what sort of bike you prefer, the use of it, commute, weekend ride, sport ride, touring, ..... from those you can work out which one would be more econormy on fuel, services with its performance.

    You can search online (not only australia site) on those models which suit your budget, then read the owner report, or bike review to get the idea of each bike.

    hope that would help, good luck!

  4. Hi Devo, welcome to the forums!!!

    I haven't ridden many bikes either so I can't really give you advice on what bike to get. Maybe test ride a few other bikes and see what else is out there. Good luck bike shopping!!!

    :D :D
  5. go out to a bike shop and sit on every single 250 you can find, then test ride the ones that you feel comfortable on and see which one you like the best. we all have different opinions but at the end of the day you are the one that has to ride the bike you buy so you've got to be happy with it.

    Only other advise is don't buy a bike from Sumotos, they paint their bikes in the latest colours to make them look good, but half of them are dodgy. i've heard of so many people buying lemons from there...
  6. thanks for the quick replies!!!

    The fzr and GPX both felt comfortable and not too low or high. The thing is i cant really test many bikes cos im on my l's so people dont trust me (probably fair enough too). I definetly want to get an older bike because everyone i know who rides has dropped a bike at one stage or another and im just as likely to on my l's :( . I forgot to say that ill probably be doing a fair bit of highway as well as city travel so comfort is a little factor but i havent felt uncomfortable yet on my mates bike yet. So getting to 110k's and cruising is a big factor too.
  7. I offer this as a short, and possibly trite, counterpoint to the usual practical advice you'll receive around these parts - buy whatever you think will make you the happiest!

    Life is far too short to be riding around on Bike A if you're going to spend time wishing you'd just 'sucked it up' and bought Bike B. :)
  8. if they wont let you test ride a bike then i'd make a point of saying that you wont by buying anything from them.

    you shouldn't buy a 2nd hand bike without test riding it. you'll never know if you feel comfortable on it or if there is anything wrong with it.
  9. insano wrote
    Spot on .
  10. It's about time some one came out with some GOOD trite advise :shock:
    Thats one of the smartest statements i've seen here for a long while 8)
  11. Any of the sports 250's will probably do you for the type of riding you are describing. They will all cruise at 110 no worries albeit at reasonably high revs (I know this from experience on the Across).
    Spending up to 4.5k will get you a reasonable example but shop around. Don't buy a p.o.s. you will regret it as it won't be fun riding it.
    250's don't have blinding acceleration, mega high top ends but can be a heap of fun in the corners when you learn how to ride them properly. Accept your probation period and start saving some bikkies for the upgrade.
  12. now there is some good advice... both about testing as many bikes as you can and not biuing from that rippoff merchant Sumoto...

    As for advice from me?? I have only test readen 62 different bikes (i have a write up on each test some were on this computer). For your first bike buy an old crappy 80's machine with RWC and REG... ride that till you are off your L's (3 to 12 months) and than spash out ($2.5K to $3.5) on a 250 that you can ride with confidance.. hopfully you will not drop it nor smash it and you will be able to use it as a trade in when upgrading... 250's usualy don't luse their value!!!
  13. use the FORCE devo..
    Welcome to Netrider :)
  14. What ever bike you go for, if your going to buy second hand there is a guy in melbourne who inspects bike for a modest fee. He did an inspection on my across and saved me a heap of cash in the proccess. Go and read my post in the new riders section titled "hello". PM me for his details or more info.

    Should get my bike this weekend looking forward to attending the coffee nights and meeting you all.
  15. Devo, my mate is in Japan for the next 2 years and I daresay would sell his FZR, let me know if you're interested and i'll contact him on a price for it.
  16. are you poor victorians limited to 250cc or can you ride up to 650cc on restricted licence like NSW ???
  17. Vics are limited to 260cc on Ls and 1 year into full licence
  18. BUGGER !!
  19. Yes; but they're allowed to learn on the strokers! :eek:
  20. My advice is whatever bike you get, ride it. Ride it day, night and in all weather conditions. Ride it fast, ride it slow but get the experience. Make sure you have all the gear that will allow you to ride it.
    Helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, boots, wet weather gear and then back-pack, tank-bag, rack-bag if you want to carry anything (or all three if you want to carry the kitchen sink)