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Hey Melbournians, Hows the Heat Going?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Read that the minimum temp for you guys last night was 32 degrees at 6 am.

    bloody hell...

  2. Get stuffed.

    (The heat has made me grumpy, sorry!)

    Yeah, no air con for me, not much sleep! The dog didn't fair much better either, but at least he got to sleep on the cool tiles in the bar.
  3. Daytime heat was a bit of a pain. Night time heat was a ****.
  4. Been tuckin' foasty!
  5. Especially riding home from MA at 11pm in 35C last night.

    Which was a bit better than the 45C on the Temp gauge riding into town earlier ;)
  6. Over it in a big way...
  7. Go $%^& yerself. Does that answer the question?
  8. I dunno what you are all complaining about :-({|=, don't you have fans in your houses.....apart from having to get up early for work it was a beautiful night, was in the pool swimming till 11-11.30pm then to bed...bring on of the warm weather i say :beer:
  9. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh cool change....
  10. its about 35 here. walking on the road barefoot is starting to get painful. no idea what temp the road would be.
  11. melbourne, it can add hottest place in australia to everything else they claim about it... :LOL:
  12. adelaide is normally bit warmer isnt it?
  13. The AC helped with the temp at night. :)

    What caught me was leaving work this arvo in the heat and riding straight into a storm on the way home. Not complaining, the rain was welcome. :D
  14. Hottest night in 100 years... was real nasty...

    But i tolerate the heat at night better than i do during the day, that blistering sun kills me... this pommy girl wasnt built for these extremes...
  15. was a rather warm night

    i really enjoyed work today, especially clambering into a roof that had been in the heat for god knows how long!
  16. After slaving over a hot welder all day, we have A/C, = open the door of the factory.jumped on the bike. Home about 5 minutes and down it came, Lucky me.
  17. I love the hot weather, yesterday was a real extreme but I could live in a warm climate all year round night time is wonderful at this time of the year.
  18. Ha! Had a lady today complain to me that she doesn't like our heat and when I asked where she was from she said Queensland!

    Of course it didn't help that it was our warmest night since the big bang but still...
  19. Air conditioned house,
    Air conditioned car,
    Air conditioned office,
    Car parked in undercover car park during the day,
    Air conditioned company car (when required)
    Air conditioned sites to visit occasionally.

    Heat, no problems...........
  20. I spent most of the night right up til around 3:00am in my pool.
    Had to get up at 6:30, with only a few hrs sleep and that bloody heat, I was exhausted all day today.