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Hey Loz, what happened in Korea?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. You told us you were going; how did it go :)????

  2. Yeah cheers Pia I wrote up Taiwan on the website but I didn't do anything on Korea... But basically....

    Taiwan was ridiculously epic on every possible axis - our performances got better and better, the other groups were incredible, the people were lovely, the food was unbelievable, the boozing and partying were relentless. Business opportunities seemed to open themselves up at every step - in fact I nearly got a role in a pizza ad from some casting agent who saw me in a pub... Random! We did lots of telly and were constantly mobbed after each performance - the Taiwanese girls went nuts, I've never signed so many CDs, mobile phones, notebooks, body parts and posters. We sold so many CDs in Taiwan that we had bugger-all to take to Korea.

    We got out of Taipei for a bit and visited Taechung and Tainan - the urban parts of Taiwan aren't much to look at but I absolutely fell in love with the relaxed pace, the friendly people and the easy, respectful harmony that seems to pervade the place. Some sort of mix of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and little brother country syndrome, whatever it is, the Taiwanese seem to treat each other, and guests, with great respect.

    Korea was meant to be a little more relaxing - two big telly gigs being our only things booked in as we entered the country. There was going to be another international competition but it was cancelled due to swine flu. But we'd met some Koreans in the Taiwan competition (in which we came second, YAY!) - and before we knew it we were even busier in Korea than we'd been in Taiwan.

    So it was 2, sometimes 3 gigs a day - and we'd find ourselves wandering in to do 15-minute slots and realising that we were singing in something the size and opulence of the Melbourne Concert Hall, simulcast on TV, radio, cable and Web. Time and again things that we thought would be little throwaway appearances turned out to be big stage, big deal shows, and we kicked butt every single time.

    The Koreans also happen to drink like fish, so the partying there was lunatic stuff - in fact I can't remember any time in my whole likfe that I've had so much to drink and so little sleep for such a sustained time. The TV gigs went really well, we should get some footage back from those, some of the stages were MASSIVE and had really cool lighting setups. The last one was a 45-minute concert and interview thing that's apparently going to air sometime before Christmas.

    We're talking with some guys in Korea about a possible record deal to get us digitally distributed over there - CDs just don't sell in Korea, Britney's last one did 1000 copies. It's all digital, and all done through mobile phones.

    So... Awesome, in a word. They've already invited us to Austria, Germany and Shanghai as a result of this tour... Europe might be a bit far right now but next year it looks like we'll spend 6 weeks between China, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan and maybe Japan. Onwards and upwards! :D
  3. congrats mate, seems u guys had a ball
  4. Wow!

    extra stuff in here.
  5. Great work! Looks like fun. :D
  6. Yeah it was a stunning experience. We hardly saw any of the countries we visited though - we were either singing or partying pretty much 20 hours a day, with the rest reserved for stuffing around on computers, shagging up a storm (for the single blokes, lucky bastards) and the occasional bit of shut-eye. I think I averaged about 3 hours sleep over the whole 3 weeks we were away. Epic.

    Hopefully for 2010 we'll have a bit more time to get out and about and see some of the countryside. But then, if it's exactly like the 2009 tour, it'll be awesome squared. :D
  7. The Koreans ARE renowned fans of the turps, that's for sure.

    Sounds like it was a musically profitable time, as well as the fringe benefits....
  8. If you return to korea and are told to stay away from the 38th parallel, they are not talking the engine on the 38th bike in a que, just something to be wary of if you plan on getting out and about the countryside next time
  9. Awesome - whack some footage up for us to watch Loz :)
  10. So Loz, Whens the next 'Potato Pilgrimage' then?
  11. Wow! X2

    (Nice write up, too)
  12. I'm still trying to get my brakes sorted out Cam. Then it's chain, sprockets, tyres (all sitting in the shed ready to fit) and I'm ready to roll! :D

    I'll get the footage up as soon as we get it back, I understand some of the Taiwanese stuff is going to air in the next few days, not sure about Korea.

    But just in case anyone's around this afternoon, my brother and I are gonna be on Channel 31 at 4pm on a show called "Kids in the Kitchen" as the world's least qualified celebrity chefs. I believe today's the pizza episode, in which I got everyone to wear ridiculous cardboard moustaches.

    We filmed 4 episodes this season and will be doing a bunch more - it's pretty much either us or Gabriel Gate for most of the season. It's a no-budget production, but we had a good laugh. Oh, and I can't cook for shit.
  13. Someone, Please record that then YouTube it... I don't get that fancy 31 channel... this should be entertaining.
  14. Pics. Now. I demand pics!

    Also, call me ignorant as it seems to be common knowledge around here, but I didn't know you were in a group Loz... long story short I youtubed you guys and was shown an absolutely awesome rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.

    Loved it, Favorited it. Well done!
  15. Thanks dude! There's a bunch of our stuff at www.suade.net.

    We'll have an assload more videos shortly once all this overseas stuff comes through. We keep missing out on the big telly opportunities here, but if we keep plugging away overseas and with this independent stuff, we might break through one day. One step at a time.

    That cooking show thing was hysterical. Cringe factor: extreme. I think they'll put it up on the CH31 website sometime soon, and I've asked for a DVD copy for the archives and the you tube. Be afraid, this is TV at its dodgiest.
  16. Where can I buy a "I knew Loz before he was famous" T-shirt???
  17. I wonder if Loz will ever get really really famous and years and years from now they will grab his Minja and mount it in some hardrock cafe saying this was "the beast of the famous Loz" etc etc...?
  18. Haha f*ck off you two. :p
  19. Hey Bonk what do you reckon would sell more;?

    "I knew Loz before he was famous"


    "I knew Loz when he rode a Minja before he got rich and brought Desmosedici's to commute on"