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hey look, i made another ton

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by raffiki, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. thats it kids crowd around the fire and tell us all about the first time you cracked that big ton...

  2. We'd set out to chase 300, me and the skipper piled on 260 runs for the 3rd wicket to get us over the line - 128no

    what a day
  3. Best i ever did was 30 not out when i was 12 :(
  4. Dan and Midnight, if there was a prize for consistently obtuse answers to straight-forward questions, you guys would double dead-heat for first!!!
    My first 100 was one night, late, (1:30am) riding home from Muswellbrook to Denman over road I knew like the back of my hand. Two mates left the restuarant where I was chef about 3 minutes before me, but they'd downed a couple of bottles of wine, so I expected to catch them pretty quickly.
    Sure enough, just on the outskirts of Muswellbrook I passed them, driving very circumspectly, and nailed the throttle at the 100kph sign.
    A few minutes later I looked in the (blurry) mirrors (I was on a Yamaha XS-650 twin, lovely bike but mucho vibration, but that's another story) and there they were, right behind me. So I upped the ante and in no time flat I'm doing 160 kph (and more). THEY KEPT UP WITH ME, on the straights at least, but I lost them a bit in the corners. I was thinking what risks they were taking with the amount of alcohol they had consumed (never thought about the risks I was taking riding at over 100mph on a dark country road!!)
    Got to Denman a heartbeat later, slowed down at the 60kph sign and the mirrors came clear. It wasn't the mates at all, it was a white XD Falcon police car!
    Stopped, pulled off my gloves, got out my licence and walked back to the plod and handed it through the window.
    "You were doing over 100 back there, mate", he said.
    I didn't dare ask him if he meant kph or MPH, so I just said, "Yeah, I guess"
    Just then the mates flashed by, wound down the window and gave me a right bucketing!!!
    Cop said "I've just been posted up here from Sydney, and this is a new Highway Patrol car; I just wanted to try it out. Goes alright, eh? Now, get on your bike and get home and if I ever catch you speeding again I'll lock you up and throw away the key.
    Rode (very quietly) round to the mate's place and knocked on the door and was greeted by "HA HA, you got booked!" To which I replied "HA HA, no I didn't!"
    Needless to say they didn't believe me!
  5. July, 1985 first long ride on the NS400R down the GOR.

    Got past Apollo Bay into the open section on the way to Lavers Hill.

    Dropped down to gears and nailed it :twisted:

    Looked down at the speedo when it wouldn't go any faster in 6th gear to see an indicated 200kph...
  6. I have absolutely no idea what this thread is about :p
  7. Does doing a ton (mph) on the back of a bike count?
    Arthurs Pass - NZ
    The scenery just sung...
  8. sure he wasn't just celibrating his 700th post?
  9. Forget about the ton..what about the double century...

    The 'ton' is achieved nearly every day on the on-ramp to the M2..way too easy on the '14..

    First double century...first time down the putty...
  10. First time I cracked a ton I really regretted waking up sober the next morning.
  11. Being a cricket fan that how i took the post . As for the ton , i wont say on a public forum how stupid i was . Want to know how fast i have been , ask me in person , i'd be glad to tell you.
  12. Did ya have to chew your arm off to avoid waking her? :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Don't be such a wuss!.

    There's too much talk of safety, due dilligence, responibility, the need to wear safety gear etc here!!!.

    Lets have more tales of recklessness and abandon, stories of high jinx on the high roads

    Recounts of rides when the Reaper was cheated, where lucky escapes from the jaws of death or debilitating injury reflect the love of life IN THE LIVING OF IT that motorcyclists as few others in this bubble-wrapped world know...
  14. Then call me a wuss . The speed i had the bird up to on a public road was just stupid . Sure i push my bounderies like every-one else but what i did should be left for the track , end of story.
  15. I have only cracked the ton once
    she was a horrible swamp monster i picked up at at the pub in wagga wagga , she was 100+ kgs
    it was a bad night and lucky the hangover i cant remember much about it , but i am still scared from remember seeing it leave the dance floor and that smoke they let off in places , it reminded me of the swamp monster leaving the swamp in that movie
  16. Glen,

    What have I told you about playing with Shrek!

  17. So thats why it green . :shock:
  18. 123no playing for South Lismore 2nd grade. We were the "easy beats" of the comp apparently. Playing the other souths second grade who were tipped to take out the comp. We played them twice. 1st time they made 276. We went in there, i blasted 123no and we beat them :) Second time we bowled them out for 73. Once again i went out there, got the 73 in 7 overs of which i made 51no. That season we made it to the grand final only to be beaten by norths :(
  19. Cant remember the first time i did the ton on bike or in car.....