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Hey L platers around the northen beaches.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by munecito, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. I have been thinking about finding a nice spot somewhere in the northen beaches to paint a course exactly like the one we are going to ude to get our Ps so everybody in the area can use it to practise.

    How does it sound? Any ideas of a good spot to do it?

  2. Try out a boat ramp car park ,normaly empty week days and only ever a few lines marked on the road.
    And no one speeding in and out ,like car parks as there got boats on and there is a few speed bumps to slow them down.
  3. Hey Will,

    i was acutally gonna chalk it out at a carpark [the one next to forestville RSL] near where i live (killarney heights.)

    I printed the MOST test, and was planning to do it thi sweekend, but it's raining so i'm not gonna bother.

    the reason why i want to do this, is to practice and determine whether i should hire a bike before my P's test(nov 3rd). i have a cbr250 - which doesnt give me the agility to perform a tight u turn- and hence, the need to practice.
  4. I passed on an Across.
  5. Hey, so far I've chalked out the course at the acadamy of sports and at cromer bus bay. Need practice too, probably a good idea to meet up sometime and do it as a group to get some good technique discussion going. + I feel like a tard doing the exercises by myself :)
  6. Well, lets try to get together maybe next weekend if the weather is nice so we can practice and discuss the techniques etc.

    I feel pretty confident for the Ps but some practice is always good. My test is on the 10th of december.

    Shoot me a PM if you guys are keen. Maybe we can work a place that suits us all. By the way I live in Newport. I may bring my wife so she can have a laugh watching us :rofl:

  7. What about Newport beach car park? There's not many cars there usually (YET), and it's big enough for most of the course. Then again, if you're in Newport already, it isn't much fun getting there.

    Also, anyone up for doing laps in Waringa Mall car park? I've been told all the coolest people do it, and it seems more and more are enjoying this prisine race track.... God, why is this world so spattered with morons?
  8. Next weekend sounds good. Anywhere on northern beaches is fine for me.
  9. Newport beach car park sounds cool. Then after the practice we can go and have a ride around, maybe to palm beach and back and we can have some drinks (non alcoholic because we are still learners) at my place.

    I have a 4 little cones that we can use and have the test already printed out.

    Stay in touch.

  10. Anyone up for this weekend??

  11. Yeah I'm up for sat arvo (Back from uni at around... 5ish)

    or sunday morning (Work starts at 2 :'( )

    prob not very useful for people lol. But daylight saving starts sunday night so means riding just got better!
  12. Ok, if you want we can meet today afternoon or tomorrow morning. I'm sending you a PM with my mobile number Phizog.

    Net weekend I'll be working on sunday so maybe we can get together on saturday to practice. There is never enough.