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Hey, its another G'day

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by OzYoda, May 29, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I am in NW Sydney and am one of those late starters with no previous experience.

    Somewhere over a year ago my son started thinking about riding a motorbike. To be honest I was trying to discourage him from motorbikes. He went quiet about it for a while and then suddenly said he wanted to do the pre-learner course and decide if he wanted to ride. Smart guy that he is, he then asked if I would do the course with him. Well, if you cant beat 'em you might as well join em .. er, thats not what I mean but anyway we're both booked on a course in a few weeks time :grin:

    Now that I am really looking into bikes I am getting interested/excited myself :shock: . Really looking forward to the course now.

    I do have 2 stupid little questions and I might as well start embarassing myself now ..

    - On the pre-Learners they ask that we wear "Sturdy enclosed footwear preferably with ankle protection and a low heel". Apart from business/school and sports type shoes we dont have anything else. Do we need to go get something better? What do people normally wear to these courses?

    - Looking at all the threads on what bike a learner should buy I sometimes see comments saying to ride the bikes before buying .. frankly, I cant imagine anyone, dealer or private seller allowing a raw learner to try out a bike.. do they?

    Just to finish, I'd like to say that Netrider is fantastic (and Netrider is all you guys and girls). Thanks to you, I have learnt much already and I can see that it's only just starting.

  2. hello and welcome

  3. Hello and welcome... wish you all the best on your course/test. :grin:
  4. Welcome Aboard !

    If you can't get yourself a pair of motorcycle boots, I'd, ( at the very least), be wearing a pair of blunestones, redback, or similar work boots.
    Dealers are reluctant to let learners test ride, however, most will get you to sign a guarrantee which basically states.. you bend it .. you own it.
  5. Thanks for the welcome!

    Looks like we're going to be heading out to get some boots even before the course then.

  6. Tip from a brand newbie (ie me), don't make the mistake I made of doing my Qride course and then not getting back on a bike for a year (long story). Don't leave it too long between your course and the buying/test riding phase!

    Good luck!
  7. Thanks Paul, the plan at this stage is to do the course on Sat/Sun, get Licence on Tues and start shopping!
  8. yeah, i guess you'll do.
  9. VFR800,

    I cant PM yet .. Yep, we intended to get some good gear .. but didnt think about needing it for the pre learners until I booked it. Guess I had the impression they supplied all needed for that. I hate making stupid assumptions, especially when I dont realise I'm making them!

    As for the bike, I've seen the advice to go around and just sit on a few and get a feel for what's comfortable, or not, so we'll be trying that out real soon :grin: . Then narrow it down to a few options.

    Oh, and we're near Castle Hill.

  10. About your clothing etc ...

    OzYoda ...

    Welcome ... yep, some boots with ankle protection a very good idea. May I also suggest invest in some 'boots' for your hands ... er I mean gloves. The second thing that usually hits the ground is one's hands. Shop around the bike shops even over the internet (esp. the 'for sale' at this place) for some gloves $40 - 60 investment will save some grief if you come to grief!

    Trainers usually supply lids and jackets but not the personal glove stuff.

    As for trying out bikes, what sort of bike etc. Speak to your trainer he/she I'm sure would be willing to impart some worthwhile advice.

    Enjoy your course - be prepared for an intense couple of days, get plenty of sleep so you are able to concentrate.

    Keep your head up, turn your head is what you will hear a lot of, especially if you DON'T do it :!: :!:

    Be safe, ride safe and enjoy the experience.

  11. Hi mate,

    welcome! Not sure about your questions on gear as I am a newbie myself - but I thought I would post to say how cool it is that a father can get beside his son and experience the riding together :)
  12. Hi Di,

    Thanks for the advice. The RTA note says they provides a bike, helmet and gloves so I thought I'd wait and get them with the jacket, helmet etc.

    We went out and got some Falco Axis boots that are comfortable, seemed a reasonable price ($200) and yet look like they give good protection, though they dont have an EC tag.

    Agro Nick,
    Thanks, we were also thinking that we'd end up doing a roadtrip together but that had better wait until we know what we're doing :)