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Hey I'm turning Left Here!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by FirstOnTheWall, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. To the inconsiderate potentially intellectually disabled silver Corolla driver who attempted to over take me on the inside just as I was turning left...back the f up and get a lesson or two on the freakin road rules. I was in my lane, going wide to take the corner and not only had you been riding my arse like I'm Olivia Wilde you then ignore my indicators and had I not gestured like the crazy inbred motherf#$#$% that you are obviously in bred from, then my three children would be missing a daddy and hopefully plotting an epic revenge culminating in them going all "Kill Bill" on you come their 21st birthdays...

    That's better...not too mention I'm now thinking about Olivia Wilde...ahh olivia...

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  2. Cool story, bro. (y)
  3. Olivia Wilde, eh?
    I'm sorry - what was the question?
  4. nice picture.. was there a incident too?
  5. I think he said Olivia Wilde had bought a carolla?
    She niiiice!
  6. Ok...THIS has really got me thinking about adoption. You could err 'groom' a room full of kids to strike down these evildoers after your gone....wait!...they could posse up and do it while you're still around AND video it!... I'm thinking....
  7. Not trying to take away from what an inconsiderate mother ****er he was but why did you decide to give enough room on your left for someone to overtake before a corner when you had him up your arse already? You are not a truck, you do not need two lanes to make a left turn. Yes it is fun to make a nice sweeping left turn but it's not always appropriate. There are inbred hicks everywhere who can't drive for shit so don't give em an opportunity to kill you.

    Nice pic though.