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Hey, I'm Parker.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by parker, May 21, 2010.

  1. Hey I'm Parker, I'm 20yo from the Sutherland Shire, I haven't got a bike, nor gear, so I'm not sure what I'm doing here :p, I signed a short time ago because I was going to do the pre-learner course and was looking through threads giving me tips, any way a fortnight ago I ended up completing pre-learners course to obviously get a permit as you know,

    I'm not a big motor vehicle (car, truck, bikes etc) lover and only really wanted a motorbike for commuting to work, as I'm 20yo I don't have a family so I don't need a car at the moment so I thought why not get a motorbike and save a lot money (insurance, petrol, rego etc) so I was surprised at the pre learner course that I actually really enjoyed being on a motorbike even through it was only basic drills a had some fun and loved the feeling of being on a bike and feeling 'free' not like in a car, and as I thought about it more and more all I want to do now is get some experience up and do some of the rides you do with leaner riders which from reading sound like it will be my cup of tea in a couple of months.

    Any way not sure what to add as I don't have much experience on a bike yet, I've got my greenslip to get the learners permit, but I'm going to wait another month or so before I get it, that way I can get a bike and have the license and a full 12 months to get P's instead of getting the L's and then waiting another month to get a bike.

    So in the mean time I'll be lurking in the beginners tip threads :p

    Thanks Parker.
  2. Welcome Parker, It sounds like the bug may have bitten :) Do you have a budget in mind for a bike? Got your helmet boots etc?
  3. Yeah, can't wait to have my next ride :p

    Basically just getting by at the moment money wise, basically what I wanted to do is buy a bike for $4000, and then spend a decent amount on gear (haven't looked into gear too much yet but I know it's more expensive then I thought it would of been :p).

    At the moment I got my eye on a GPX250R but just worried about the size of them at the moment (I'm 6'2/100kg).
  4. You have a wider range of options now with the LAMS system. Perhaps a larger bike might be a better option. Go out and sit on a few and see what feels comfortable. Lots of threads on gear and places to buy to look at on here. Sometimes good bargains can be found second hand especially as winter arrives.

    Best of luck :)
  5. welcome bud, how long is the greenslip thingy valid for, better check that

    but with your weight and height, definitely get a bigger bike, 250 just wont cut it for you

    and see you out at homebush when your ready :)
  6. Welcome Parker! (peter parker!? :-O can't be...)

    Enjoy da forums
  7. Yeah, I wanted to stick to the big four Jap bikes, and tbh I have a crush on sport bikes. I was thinking of going up to Caringbah motorcycles and just seeing what they got there to sit on.

    The greenslip lasts for three months from when you do the pre-learner course so I should be right. Shame about -250's, any suggestions on sports bike type look, that's over 400? I went through the LAMS list again last night but didn't seem to find anything that got me interested, though I only checked the big four Jap brands, I'll go through it some more today.

    I could see myself on this :p
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  9. Hi Parker and welcome to Netrider mate.
  10. Hey, just remember over 250cc and your green slips (compulsory health insurance ) are double $$
  11. Welcome to NR Parker.

    As for the bike, just make sure you sit on a variety before making up your mind. Wont be good if it makes you feel like a sardine... you want to be comfortable.

    Lookin forward to seeing you with the Ls.

  12. Damn that sucks, I really can't afford much as I only get about $480 a week after tax.
    Yeah, when I go visit my Dad next within the next week or so I might head out to Red Baron Motorcycles to have a look at some of the bikes, plus they got gear there so I'll try see what size I am and what not.

    Does RBM have decent rep?
  13. Would I get away with riding a GPX250R, because I found a 1998 GPX250R [Ex250f] about 10 minutes away from where I live, it's $3800 with 36,000kms on it.

  14. Welcome Parker,

  15. Gday Parker and welcome to NR,

    Any luck in choosing a bike yet?
    Have you looked at a Suzuki GS500F?

    Cheers Paul.
  16. Thanks:D
    I've found a couple of GPX250's that seem alright, other then that it's a waiting game.... for my money to go up :p

    Yeah found one the other which would of been perfect but I was only looking at spending $4000 to $4500 on a bike and it was $5400. Is it hard to get get a loan for say $2000, and then I can buy a the bike and gear, and then pay the bank back within say two months, it'd improve my credit rating wouldn't it?
  17. The Gs500 can be had for much less than 4000, just keep your eyes open. I bought one from 1993 for 2500 and it was a gem. If you do a check on some older threads in this forum, you'll find that they are pretty bulletproof with a design that hasn't really changed in the last 20 years, a testament to a good, simple design.
  18. Parker,

    Yes its hard to get a loan for $2000 but easy to get a credit card for 2k tho if you were thinking of buying from a dealer then you could pay part cash and the rest via credit card , also a dealer should give you at least 10 % discount on gear.

    Cheers Paul.
  19. I've asked around on Whirlpool about what's the best way to borrow money, most of them just said saving would be better because I want to pay it off ASAP.

    So on the advice of the people in the thread I'll just save a little bit more if I do decide to go with the GS500F.
  20. Just in an update, I'm getting closer to owning a bike lol.
    Went on got the gear from MCAS at Liverpool, one of the guys was really helpful.

    Brought everything except pants which I will get next week probably along with a bike, hopefully.