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HEY! IM NEW! Sydney rider...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TANNER ONE, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Hello.

    My name is Tanner, 33 from Sydney. I literally just got my learners licence a week ago and bought my first bike that day.

    Having no riding experience whatsoever prior to my Uprights course at 33 this is exciting times!

    Ive bought myself a Honda V25 (2001) and have taken it out for two rides so far.

    Embaressing, but feel free to check my first post on the forum in the Maintenance section. Already ive done something a bit stupid and damaged the speedo cable. (n)

    Apart from that, this has been all a whirlwind and look forward to future rides!
  2. If you were female you'd have hundred hellos by now.

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  3. I do look fantastic in a dress. Great set of legs.... Feel free to chat to me now people.
  4. Are you hot?
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  5. give me a few whiskeys and i'll make you feel like a little boy in church again
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  6. I see crisis' nod count has brought the devil out in him.
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  7. Welcome mate.
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  8. Welcome to NR Tanner One. Which part of Sydney are you in ? Come down to Homebush for the Learners Practice sometime.
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  9. Ricky im actually right near homebush, probably about 5 minutes or so. I am planning on it for sure, the one thats at Bennelong rd?
  10. oh and btw im hot in a hairy bloke kinda of way. if youre into hairy blokes. :cautious:
  11. had a leb ms's in melb - nuff said
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  12. welcome to NR, stay safe and keep on smiling, now as for the blokes interested in blokes, just a tip, when a spanner day pops up, and someone 'drops a spanner' !!
    Nuf said lol
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  13. hahah Duely noted!
  14. Welcome to NR.
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  15. Welcome, and good luck.
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  16. Turn right from Australia Avenue into Bennelong Parkway - go along it and look for an open car park and open ground area on your right. Map is on the Learners NSW opening thread. CU there sometime Tanner :)
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  17. Welcome to NR mate - enjoy the ride and definitely get down to Homebush (y)
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  18. Thanks for all the welcomes.... Will do my best to make it to homebush sooner than later. :)
  19. Welcome to NR and have fun in the 2-wheel world.
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  20. welcome Tanner 33! which part of Melbourne are you from? ;) i haven't dropped by homebush yet but after doing one of the putty rd runs with riders from NR i'd say you'd be very well looked after (y)
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