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Hey, I'm a rider....almost!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Hughesy, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone.
    Bought my GS500F yesterday! Wow, first bike ever!
    Now I'm sitting at work, waiting for them to deliver it. They said this morning, but now it's going to be this afternoon. This waiting is hell!!
    It's a crap, windy day so probably the universe is saying...."Take it easy, you've got your whole life to ride." ....stupid universe!
    Anyway, I'm in Eltham and the Peninsula and can't wait to hook up with you guys on some rides.

  2. Welcome mate :) hope you enjoy it once you finally get it! I know the pain of the waiting
  3. Hey mate.. Welcome to NR..
    Have you ridden before?? id hate to think of starting out today.. :(
  4. the anxiety is a killer...been there, done that...lol....the winds are quite strong....i can hear it howling outside my work place...
  5. Well, I cleared some time so I could go out this afternoon (practicing around side streets). There was supposed to be a lull between fronts. The bike may not get here till later though.
    I've been riding the wife's scooter. That was a strategic purchase so that I could then get my bike ("Well, you've got the scooter!....") She thought the scooter would suffice.....
    Don't you just love it when plans fall into place?
  6. Welcome to NR. (y)
  7. Hello and welcome, hope your bike arrives before night then.
  8. Nice work mate with the plan=D>, welcome and enjoy riding. Get down to Saturday morning practice if you can. Really friendly people who will help you out a lot as they have done for me :biker:.
  9. That sounds like a trick my wife would pull on me!

    Seriously though, welcome to NR and congrats on the new bike.

    +1 for Saturday Practice, as a new rider as well, I highly recommend it.
  10. Welcome to the nuthouse :)
  11. Nuthouse
    You mean i am in a nuthouse?
    It all makes sense now
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  12. Thanks guys. I will get down to Sat morning ASAP.
    They rang to tell me it would be tomorrow morning. So another night of drifting to sleep, performing my 'mental rehearsal'. Oh well, the wait is character building, I suppose. Anyone heard of a cyclone coming through mid-morning?....it would be just my luck!
    I'm looking forward to meeting all you nice people. You are all very encouraging.
  13. Welcome Hughesy!

    Congrats on the purchase. ++1 to Saturday practice - we don't bite (much)!

    Be careful in the wind.
  14. I freakin love my GS500. I've no doubt you'll be happy with it.

    Saturday is great for meeting loads of riders. Netrider group is generally packed with awesome people!

    Loads of highly useful newbie threads around as well!
  15. i think this sums up netrider,
  16. Well, the bike ended up coming this morning.
    First ride at lunchtime. It was great. Got a bit confused about what gear I was in. I guess that gets easier as you get get used to knowing what revs for what speed.
    They didn't fill the tank up, so ran out. Switched to reserve ok though. Thought they could have told me that.
    All in all, a wonderful experience for a first ride.
  17. I was boiling in the gear and had to have a shower before starting work again. The gear was in a room with the wife...she moved it because of the smell. "B.O.?" I asked...."I could smell the fear!" she replied.
    She was probably right! :)
  18. It gets better... quite quickly usually.
  19. Show us a pic mate!
  20. Hi Hughesy and welcome to NR