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hey hey

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RaZ, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. After not being about for many years, and since I got my gf a gt650r i figured we would find some learner rides :)

    But.... I cant load this site on the home cable anymore... only can via 3g on the mobile.... had no issue before... its like my ip got blocked lol

    Anyone had this? I thought the site was down.
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  2. What do you mean by anymore?

    My first recommendation would be to reset your router or just wait a day or two, but it sounds like its been an ongoing problem?

    Site can get a little frustrating on mobile with the banner causing loading/scrolling issues.

    Glad to hear your getting back into it.
  3. *nods* i had the issue for a week or two - perhaps @robsalvv or @Mouth could be of assistance
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  4. #4 cjvfr, Jul 21, 2013
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2013
    Hi @RaZ,

    Could be an ISP issue or a problem with your browser.
    1. Restart your router as recommended by Clayt0nB
    2. Clear your browser Cache and Cookies.
    3. Make sure you are entering the site with
      not .com.au or with any following paths.
    4. If this works have you got another browser installer, try that.
    5. If that fails open a command prompt and do a ping test to the netrider site
      ping netrider.net.au
      You should get responses from this test.
    6. If that fils do a trace test and let us know how far you get in the path to the netrider server
      tracert netrider.net.au
    Good Luck, Welcome back.
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  5. Ok Raz see my post back to you, your IP address is being shown on some International blacklists, you will need to address that issue.
  6. how does one get on such blacklists? i'm envious of this badassery ...unless it's caus he's watching crazy messed up p0rn, even i have limits.
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  7. Serious?? I had no idea.... if u could send me details to 1337raz@gmail.com that would be great
  8. wow - seems some adware on my gf's droid phone and perhaps even my own might have caused an IP to be alerted to a spam blacklist.

    Pays to make sure even android is covered these days.

    Thanks a million for all the help cjvfr!!
  9. No worries, glad you are sorted.
  10. oh yeah, welcome to NR lol as you can see, people are always helpful :)
  11. Ah , been around for years ;) just coming back lol