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Hey hey

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Griff, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    Griff here. 26 year ol' git living in Melbourne.

    Been viewing this site for a few months on and off but got my Ls Yesterday so I figured it's about time to join.

    Would be nice to get advice, find other learners/rider to go for day trips and with any luck one day pass my knowledge off to other new biker users.

    Don't currently have a bike yet but hoping to within a month. Have a second hand one from a dealership in mind and hoping to all end it's still around when I can afford it. Older than me but seems decent enough.

    Have a great day all!


  2. Well done on the L's mate. It's the start of a great adventure. With choosing the bike, well that's personal, but I would recommend budgeting for some half decent gear. When I got my first bike four years back, I got a AGV lid, rjays summer jacket and rivet gloves for $500.00, at the time it was a saving of around $200. A month later I paid about the same for kevlar jeans and decent boots. BUT the good news is, if you can wait for the Motorcycle expo there are normally great deals. At the Sydney event last year you could pick up (albeit last years model and limited sizes) full leathers for $250. Draggin were on special and so on.

    Enjoy the ride, ride at your pace, not your mate on an R1's pace and let the journy begin.

  3. Welcome what sort of bike are you looking at getting
  4. I thought this must be Krusty the Clown by the greeting :LOL:

    Welcome to Netrider, and the two-wheeled adventure :)
  5. Welcome mate :)
  6. Hi Griff and welcome to NR

    If you are looking for advice, once you get your bike head down to the Sat morning practice sessions at St Kilda.

    Lots of good advice, bit of fun and bullsh!t is first class :LOL:
  7. welcome Griff :)

    hope to see you around
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome all.

    The bike I currently have my eyes on is a Kawasaki LTD 250 80 or 81 model. Yeah it's old but I just need something within the next month or two to get me to my new job.... for starters and the price is nice.

    Thanks for the advice Yorkie, already have boots. Bought them for my Ls. On the first day I was wearing steal toe boots can couldn't feel the break or gear shift. Made a world of difference. The shop i'm 'planning' on getting the bike from offers 20% off when you buy a bike. Otherwise there's Pter Stevens clearance house or second hand (Besides Helmet)

    I'll def come down and join ya GreyBM, after I get my bike and feel confident enough by tormenting the neighbours with practice first. Somewhat happy I live next to a hospital carpark that's often empty :)

    Thanks again for the welcome and advice :D
  9. Welcome Griff
  10. Welcome dude.