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hey hey time for P's test, NSW

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by shane2493, May 18, 2006.

  1. i THINK im doing pretty well at riding and its about that time I need to do my P's test. Will probably be riding up to Wagga to do it.

    Anyone done it lately, anywhere in nsw and could give me a heads up of what to expect. Cheers
  2. Hey man, I did my P's Test at Wagga (a couple of years ago now) at the test-centre there (show-grounds).

    The dude (same fella has been there for ages, his name escapes me :?: but he's a good fella), is super keen on head-checks :!: :!: :!: and not covering your clutch and brakes when coming up to the emergency stops until you are ready to stop etc...

    other than that it's a standard, doing a u-turn, zig-zagging cones/accelerate-then-stop, figure-eights, and generally being all-round careful... then watch a movie.

    I guarantee if you listen and pay attention to everything he says, he will take a liking to you, and especially if you do head-checks everytime you think about moving the bike before you start. :wink: Let me know how you go and if you do it there, I'd be interested to see what it's like now...
    and whether he tells the same joke about doing head-checks at the fridge :LOL: