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Hey Hey It's Saturday returns to our TV screens

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. Isn't the producer of Hey Hey, Gavin Disney, currently on trail for gay **** ????

  2. and the ozzy ostrich bloke is now 80 years old
  3. Nay.

    That show was awful.

    Cringe-worthy awful.
  4. Channel 9 clutching at straws in desperation.

    Oh noes, "Dance Your Ass Off" failed, whatever will we do now? I know, bring back a show we thought became irrelevant 10 years ago... with the same cast... only... OLDER! Brilliant!

    I'm sure it will flop and Darryl will fade back to obscurity again. What an idiot for leaving Dancing with the Stars.
  5. Used to love the show but don't know how it will fair these days.

    For it to work it would need to be the night time version and push the limits to some degree
  6. How could they have possibly thought that mixing two brain-numbing realities together would work? Did they think that it would appeal to both audiences and the ratings would simply be added together? ABC FTW.

    P.S watched a Doco on Cassowaries tonight on ABC. They are badass chickens! :shock:
  7. i watched this when i was younger.

    then i grew up!

    tv sucks!
  8. There are some things that should stay in the happy memory file. They are significantly older, have been out of the media (for the most part) in quite some time and if Daryls attempt at jokes on DWTS is anything to go by, then they got nothing.

    The only way I could see it working is to find a new cast that clicks like the original did and follow a similar format rather than attempt to resurrect the old one.
  9. ha ha ha! Dance your ass off? I cant imagine anything worse to watch than fat dudes dancing then weighing themselves on international TV. The depths of degredation that people go to in the name of entertainment and their 5 seconds of fame is hilarious and tragic at the same time.

    Hey hey was good in it's hey day, but it would have to compete with the likes of rove (variety / entertainment show), idol / dance / etc (for red faces) and footy show for vapid tomfoolery.

    I don't think it will work if they bring it back. I say leave it as a fond memory of a simpler age.
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    Pff, they're mad if they thnk they can bring back Red Faces.
    Slayer will never give the gong back481ba-SO0Zc[/media]].
  11. HHIS was good when it was on Saturday mornings.

    Mostly it was done in an empty studio. But when they had a live audience then they'd have the segments such as Red Faces.

    Because of the morning slot they were able to get away with more innuendo, which back then was actually humorous.

    These days such a format would fall flat, given how lax broadcasting standards have fallen since then.

    When it went to Sat. night, the "specialness" of Red Faces and other acts was lost.

    When I shared a house with a copper and another mate, we used to have what we called "Early Openers". We'd finish nightshift and some of the lads would come around for a BBQ and beers. We'd time it for the "live" editions of HHIS. And having a few beers under your belt after a nightshift made the show seem all that funnier.

    Anyway, given that they're talking about reunion specials, not a regular show it may be interesting. Thing is, Nein rolls out the occasional "special" on the show, anyway, so as far as nostalgia goes it won't be anything new. But having the old cast come back and to retell stories of old may be interesting.

    Incidentally, the funniest Red Faces act that I saw was a group of fellows, I think from the Albury-Wodonga region, who called themselves "Men Not At Work" who had an Australiana type of song and references to Hey Hey. That was during the morning days of the show, back in around 81-82.
  12. O goodness gracious me not Somers again and Hey Hey who would bother watching that s**t again. All I can say is free to air TV is in the worst shape it has ever being in Shame on the commercial channels for piling us iwth drivel and rubbish all so we can watch Advertising.

    And as for Pay TV why are Australians paying food money to watch terrible reruns and mostly B yea C grade movies.and yes plenty of Advertising.

    All this so called home entertainment is crap......

    Bring back the good old days when there was decent programming such as we got in the Sixties Seventies. none of this reality show guff.

    Its all garbage and we should not have to put up with it.
  13. It was painfully 10 years out of date when they axed it.

    Terrible, terrible, terrible show. Evil host.
  14. I couldn't stand it when it was on the first time.

    I was probably to young to get most of the jokes but it was so boring.
  15. all i can think of is that line from The Castle:

    'the only thing dad loved more than hey hey it's saturday, was the best of hey hey it's saturday'
  16. HHIS was OK for its time. But tastes change and will always do so.

    As a reunion special it'll be OK for those of us who used to watch it as kids when it was a cartoon show which then evolved into a morning variety show.

    Back then, as adults and listening to the innuendo and double entendres that Blackman used to deliver it was considered humorous. But as television viewing standards and tastes changed it became outdated.

    These days for humor to work it has to be more in your face and often it has to be nasty. Two and a Half Men is a classic example of this. The nasty barbs that spew back and forth between the characters of that show is what helps to make it a number 1 hit.
  17. What scares me is if the special is successful, then they might try to get the show back on air permanently.

    If that happens I'll just delete channel nine from my tele.
  18. Yes because there is so much quality tv broadcast on a Saturday evening, god forbid they put on something like Hey Hey again...I mean that would mean putting on hold more 25th time reruns of B grade movies, crap 'Funniest' Home videos, or the endless parade of crap sporting events and their associated supplementary commentary programs that I would rather gouge my eyes out with a spoon than watch.

    Yes, there are so many quality programs on Saturday nights it would be truly horrible if something moderately entertaining that you can watch with the kids was running...
  19. if they want to have half a chance of it working again, put it on when the footy isnt on