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Hey hey it's me

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dommcglinn, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. G'day. Names dom. I'm a web nerd and audio expert. Rode a sports bike for few years but now I'm on an m50. Live in redcliffe. Always happy to answer audio questions. Don't seem to be getting any notifications via email from the server.

  2. Hi by the way
  3. Hi and welcome. :D
  4. Hey, that makes 2 Peninsula people in as many days! Welcome to NR.
    I'm on the Brissy side of the bridge but ride on the Pen a fair bit so might see you around :)
  5. Welcome! What's the best earphones for with a helmet?(audio related enough?)
  6. good question. it all comes down to compromise. compromise quality for safety, etc etc. there are a few different type of headphones. Over the ear, on ear, in ear.
    Over the ear: great bass response but some people can't handle the "head pressure"...but trying to get them to fit in a helmet (same with on ears) is a puzzle. I've pulled good headphones apart and tried to get them to sit inside but they sit in the wrong spot and don't give proper sound response. so I've ended up using in ears. Ive tried a few different types and to be honest for me it comes down to form and function. I am an audio nerd so I love good sound..but when riding a bike...it almost impossible and you want to hear whats happening around you as well for safety. Lately I've been using good old fashion apple in ears. lets in enough noise...sits nice and flat...they only issue is that one time (yet to happen) when I come off the bike and they get ripped out of my ears...that scares me a bit.
  7. welcome aboard :) mate
  8. I bought some sony noise reduction earbuds a couple of days ago. You can plug your ipod or whatever through em. Higher pitch noises were removed, however found there was certain lower engine tones that seemed to be amplified through them. Over all I found them quite a bit better than foam earplugs, especially if you want to hear music.
  9. Bought some fuze custom mould earphones- fairly happy so far. Some audio quality lost when compared to my zennhausers but
  10. At least they stay in when putting on my helmet.
  11. Bought a windjammer. Best noise reduction thingy so far. Helmet gets a bit hotter now.