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Hey Hey, I finally got out of my street on my own. lol!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. For those of you who might remember, I had 2 offs in the one night. Well since, then I have been very nervy about riding on my own and have needed an escort. lol!!

    Tonight, I thought bugger this and took my baby out for a squirt down a quiet street near by to practice braking, slow speed stuff and u-turns (my fav NOT!!). Was a little apprenhensive when I first got out of my driveway but soon snapped out of it. hehehe.

    On the way back home, I did the nod to a fellow rider - how cool!!! :D :D Turning into my street, I had a car behind me and that didn't even phase me (I think they backed off a bit when they saw that L plate - hehehe).

    :D :D :D

  2. Well done Lids.

    Soon you'll be wondering what all the hesitation was about.

    I remember my first days of riding and other riders nodding to me. I thought I was seeing things. Then I thought it must just be the bumps in the road making my head bounce and it appearing others were nodding. Then it became to conicidental to happen so often. Once I realised what was going on, I thought it was so great that we acknowledge each other when we pass on the street.

    :D :D :D
  3. Hey Congrats Lids - That's great :D

    I had a number of offs very early on in my riding career and became very timid for a time, but I warmed up again and kept it upright once I found my feet :wink:

    Do things at your pace and make time for practising like you did and you will be fine :D Hope to see you on the ride next week :D
  4. Well done Lids...i know I was pretty nervous the first time I rode on my own after getting my L's...

    I dunno about the cage drivers being more tolerant of learners though...since I started riding I am starting to see how impatient people really are...

    PS...Your in my neck of the wood so if you want to go for a relaxed ride with a fellow learner send me a PM..

  5. Good onya Lids for getting back on out there .. I think riding around familar ground to start with is the way to go :)

    I also think it's great when other riders give ya the NOD :) It's like *secret bikers business* :)
  6. Great stuff Lids!

    Next step: knee down at Phillip Island 8).

    Keep practising, the more you ride the better you will ride.
  7. Yay Lids! :D

    Well done!
  8.  Top
  9. Well done mate :D
  10. Congrats Lids :)
    One step at a time.
  11. Good on ya Lids, hope to see ya around on the roads :)
  12. 8) I guess we'll be seeing you at coffee tonight after a solo ride in?
  13. stage 1. confidence
    stage 2 coffee night (friday)
    are we up to that yet ?
    look forward to seeing you in there when you do :)
    if not come up as a pillion first just to get an idea of what you will be in for .
    I think there is plenty down there that would bring you in lids .
    Come see a real coffee night :LOL: :LOL:
  14. FANTASTIC!!! That's really great news.

    Doesn't it feel great? Just easy does it, don't let the new confidence go to your head. AND Don't let Groberts bully you into the coffee thing before you're ready :p

    See you when you get there... :)
  15. WELL DONE Lids, the feeling is the greatest when it starts to become a little less frightening and it all starts to gel together. Keep going it is the best feeling in the world.
  16. Congrats Lids!

    You'll be surprised how quickly the confidence builds. Hope to see you at coffee!