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Hey hey hey

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Big_bd, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. Hey there,
    My names Daniel.. ive been looking at this site for awhile now and have gained some awesome tips from you lot over the past year or so as a guest.
    I actually signed up awhile back, but i forgot my username so i have made it a little easier for myself to remember this time haha.
    I have recently sold my bike.. well i swapped it for a ute to be honest only because it was then my only form of transport.
    I had a zzr 250 and i really loved it. I went through the stages where you sit there for hours and detail it to death then i became a little lazy and just washed it :grin: .
    It was a great bike though and hopefully ill get another one sometime.
    I just found it hard leaving my rotty at home every time i went somewhere - you know how it is (only furry child and all). :LOL:
    Im 22, living in melbourne now for 2 years and love every second of it. I was a country boy so it was a little daunting the first time i rode into the city :shock: . I never realised how windy that westgate bridge was till i was riding on my side over it! LOL
    Im finding it a little hard sometimes to get over the fact that im not a bike rider anymore - so if you can bare with me for awhile and let me in on the "bike world" , make me feel like i kinda still have one haha that would be great.
    Ill just try and fit in with you lucky lot.
    (Although i look a bit silly driving on the freeway in a ute with a bunch of bikies around me) - i need to get over it huh? LOL
    Anyway - this is me..
    Take it easy folks,

  2. Hi and welcome. What's stopping you from buying a bike as well? :)

    Hey Caz! Dan's got a ute!!! ;)

  3. Ha hahahahaha
    nice one Dan.

    welcome back and hopefully you get that bike soon
  4. Hey Rosie,
    I want to buy a brand spanka so im still saving LOL.
    Thanks Duffman :)
  5. Sounds like your current bike has 4 wheels. You'll have to get yourself a 2-wheeled one soon :)
  6. fabricate your own boss kit and put handlebars instead of a steering wheel
  7. Dan, listen to the voices, "get a bike"
  8. Hey Dan

    You'll find that a lot of the social things that go on with netrider dont necessarily involve people turning up on their bikes - most do - but for coffee or geek nights etc its all just about meeting people who love bikes as much as you do...some people do turn up in cars - so dont let not having a bike in your sweaty palms yet put ya off from turning up to things... :grin:

    Fingers crossed though if ya start turning up to netrider events, the lure of the shiny bikes will get ya up and about on a bike again in no time :LOL:

  9. get ye self a monkey bike and strap it on the ute... spend your weekends racing the titties off of it... :grin:

    or just get a bike... whatcha aiming to get Big_bd?

    BTW welcome back.
  10. or just go to a bike shop and pretend u own one of the bikes - vroom vroom
  11. I'm sure that if you watch out for overnight trips being planned, your services as a luggage carrier would be much appreciated and may well result in a fresh taste of the motorbike life. As noted already, Rosie and CAZ were recently looking for someone to help out.
  12. Roderick: Id be more than happy to help out if any of you need the back of the ute for luggage - just let me know.

    Im.on.it: Id be happy with a harley.. but id settle for anything with 2 wheels.. i tried to put skates on my dog but it wasnt the same.. :(

    Haha thanks guys.
  13. LMFAO.

    welcome aboard dan. LISTEN TO THE VOICES!
  14. Hey Dan and welcome :) Bonus points for a good intro.

    I'm sure having a ute you'll be much appreciated :p

    Why not buy something itsy bitsy or ratty while ur saving? CT110 for instance?! (It's better than nothing, I've been there!)
  15. Hey Daniel, you need a bike with a sidecar for your dog! Problem solved. :LOL:

    Welcome to the forum Dude.
  16. Welcome :p
  17. Welcome ...
  18. Hey, Hey , Hey
  19. Hi ho & welcome

  20. Ahh yes the CT's, I had one of those when i was 10.. (lets forget about the fact that the kid i brought it from didnt tell me the chain was loose) it jammed up and i turned into a frizbee.. good thing i listened to my parents that day and actually had a helmet on. :LOL: That was a great bike actually.. I rode it all over town and thought it sounded cool when the exhaust fell off. Haha - i should get one again for good memories..
    My mate brought a package of 8 pocket bikes on ebay, there not fast enough for me sadly.. (but i DID only have a 250) :LOL:

    Does anyone here have a 91 Suzuki Gsx-R 750? The blue and white one? One of my mates had one and the idiot lent it to someone else and wrote it off. Ive seen them every colour but blue and white so far.. He's good for it, so if youre thinking of selling it PM me..
    Anyway you funny buggers, Thanks for the HUGE welcome - i like it here already. :grin: