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Hey hey hey!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by spencer111, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. G'day guys,

    My name is Spencer, I just got my L's last month and picked up a brand spanking new White Ducati Monster 659 this month!

    I am heading along to the L platers ride tonight after I was advised of this website by a patron of my workplace.

    Look forward to meeting you all soon!

  2. Welcome to riding and to NR.

    CONGRATS on the bike. That is one awesome new bike you picked up. (y)

    Bring it down to the Saturday learner session if you can. Held at St Kilda every Saturday 10 AM onwards.

    Ride Safe.
  3. Cheers mate; the thing is awesome! I will be definitely looking at getting some shifts covered (usually work 9-2 on saturdays) so I can make time to attend at least a couple of Satday mornings.

    I am looking at attending the learner session tonight just off Flemington rd; are you aware of what time it begins? I got told by a guy who swims at the pool I work at it starts around 7.

    Thanks again, look forward to meeting you.
  4. Hey Spencer, congrats on the purchase of a nice bike, welcome to NR and as LazyLibran said, come on down on saturday
  5. I'm yet to go to a Tuesday Learners ride as it starts a bit far from where I work however I've been going to the Saturday ones for the last 2-3 months & they've been awesome.
  6. Haven't been for a while myself - but yes, 7pm, with a full tank of fuel. The ride usually leaves a little bit later than 7pm.
  7. Sounds great mate, I will definitely try and get along to the saturday mornings - cheers for the info!
  8. And cheers Luke, come along mate!
  9. Busy tonight 8-[

    Another time.
  10. Welcome mate :)
    There is another spencer on these forums, he rides a slightly cafe'd vtr250.
  11. Hi Spencer and welcome to NR