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Hey hey guys and menor?? sorry 4got how to pronounce urname

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by siwanut, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Hi guys just like to drop by today i been on forum for a long time but didnt get a chance to sign up hehe.

    as i was riding today up in granville and was gonna drop by to the guys at team moto. and when i got there it was closed so i decided to rode down to the bp aroudn the corner and to look at how much fuel i had left.

    then a fellow netrider came up and intro him self .. Menor? .. sorry mate i 4got how to pronounce you're name. he helped me about the bike and teaching me a few things or two. it was nice chating to u i'll say hello wen i c u next time
  2. Welcome Aboard mate ! :biker:
    Now all ya need do is become a Member. You'll never look back :wink:
  3. :grin: thanks
  4. It's Menno ;)

    Not to worry, not exactly the most common name around these parts :)

    Nice to see you around though!
  5. Heya menno! heeh

    had work today man? i'll come on a tour at ur work sumtime ay lol
  6. Yea, I had work yesterday... Don't normally work on weekdays cause I'm at uni. Got another tour on Thursday, 16 people, oh what fun :)
  7. sounds like mad fun dude, i work at GNC..

    saw this mother and daughter and man omg .. my jaw had a spasm..

    and i was jus askin what she do *bcoz her mum came in to buy supplements*

    and she replied "pole dancing"

    my and my manager was jus so surprised our voice was shakey hehe