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Hey Hey from Motorman

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Motorman, May 5, 2007.

  1. Hey guys and girls
    Im Brad and from Sunny Gold coast

    Been reading the forum for a few weeks decided its about time to join up
    Dont currently have a ride atm
    Started out with a XR250 a few years back then progressed upto a FZR400
    Had alot of fun on that thing

    Hoping to get myself a GSXR1000 one day

  2. Welcome to the madness, Brad. There's quite a few Netriders on the Coast, and rides and coffee nights 'n stuff too~!
  3. welcome to the forum...

    there's a fair few brissie-based events around....check out the other states events section.....

    i'd post all the links here but i can't remember them all. coming up tho we have:

    • go-karting tomorrow (preparing to cream the vic's when they visit)
      recce ride on monday to mt mee (checking out a camping spot)
      weekend rally and ride at mt mee at the end of the month visit from a group of vic netriders in july that we are planning for
      regular muttly's rides (called that cause muttly organises em for us - check the kilcoy ride thread for example and pics)
      and regular friday nights at the coffee club at milton

    and then there are all the spur-of-the-moment decisions to ride as well.....

    maybe while you don't have a ride, you could be the support car driver sometimes? chance to meet a few of us.....

    there are also a number of others on the gold coast - so maybe soon you guys will be able to organise things down that way for us brissie-based folks to come along to....

    in the meantime, have fun here on the forum
  4. welcome welcome!

    glad to have you with us.

    enjoy and have fun!
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  6. elo sunny coast!!!!! welcome to the fray! I'm based on the goldcoast but us qld'ers hookup quite regularly as kerry said. We may have to have a northern expedition sooon....
  7. Welcome to the fray!

    +1 for 'thong brigade'.

    Damn its getting cold down here in Vic.

    Pooh out!
  8. Ward, dude He is from ur neck of the woods :LOL:

    its says sunny GOLD COAST :grin: not sunny coast

    and welcome mate hope ya enjoy