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Hey Guys!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by babee, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. I've been browsing this forum a little and would like to say hello. I decided to register as I went to my 1st HRCA ride last Sunday and met some netriders, and wanted to thank them for a good day and the company on the way back :) Hope to see you all again on another ride - Jac on the blue Cagiva

  2. hewwoo and welcome :grin:
  3. Welcome to Netrider, where the world stands still while we post stuff :LOL:.
  4. Once, Karl let me go ahead in the traffic, but he couldn't keep up. He gave me the " I don't want to get booked" and other excuses for "i can not filter through traffic" or "i take hours to change lanes". :p
    Well, i tried make babbe lose my tail, but it was impossible.. i don't know if it is a good thing or not to ride like that in the traffic, but i was impressed. Thanks for your company on the way back..
    and stay away from Ms Supernego, because if she sees your ride, she will want to get a cagiva too, and then there is no way i will be able to keep up!!!
    :moped: :moped:
  5. Hi Babee and welcome. :grin:

    Dee should of introduced us ,she's bad :p :LOL: .
    See you next time on the HRCA or at a coffee meet.

    I was the one at the back of the pack makiing sure no one got left behind :wink:

    Sled. :grin:

  6. Thanks for the welcome.

    Supernego, I was a bit worried about how fast you could take off after filtering to the beginning of the traffic, you impressed me too :grin: and made me smile!

    Sorry I didn't intro myself Sled, I'm a bit shy :oops: and also Dee intro'd a lot of riders and wasn't sure if she had already intro'd us :?

    See you next time.
  7. "No one puts babee in the corner"

    Sorry, just had a Dirty Dancing moment ! :rofl:

    . . . welcome.
  8. Hey chica,

    Glad you've joined up :grin:

    Sled... :shock: thought I had mate - sorry :facepalm:

    Supernego... it's no wonder she rides behind me when she comes out with me... if she went ahead it would take 30 seconds or so before I lost her over the horizon. :shock: Point in case was watching you all take up off Old Pac Hill... Looked awesome :LOL: made me jealous... hmmm one day i will have that power and those skills ;)

    Jac, let me know when you wanna do another ride... you know I'm in. :grin: Might try to head out tomorrow somewhere. :grin: give me a call if you wanna come
  9. Thanks for the welcome - I'm no Frances - I like corners :LOL:
  10. welcome from the states south (well kind of)

    great bunch of riders up there in syd :grin:
  11. Welcome Jac, glad to see you joined us.

    Will have to speak to Dee & catch up for another ride soon.

  12. hi jac & welcome , good to meet you last week with dee's intro , a nice motorcycle you have, v twin of course ! :grin: if yourself & hubby need a tour guide out this way , give us a yell ! mal.
  13. Helloo Babee, welcome to the forum! :)
  14. Bit late but Hello and welcome - nice ride too - don't see too many cagiva specimens out and about
  15. Thanks for all the welcomes. Just want to let you know it will be a little while before I can join you all on another ride (already looking forward to it), my Cagiva specimen will have to stay under covers, my wrist needs to mend, I am fine otherwise :grin:
  16. Welcome Babee (I've always wanted to say that here) :grin: Of course the females always get the two page plus of howdies :LOL:
  17. Hello and welcome
  18. Hey Babee, how you doin? :grin: