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Hey guys

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by ClawZ90, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Well am I going to get tempted or not? Just got my bike licence, looking for a bike to ride, can i afford that and a car, rego, insurance, maintenance, will i start to love the bike more than the car, sigh! Hi from Melbourne.
    I'm leaning toward getting a Hyosung, as far as i can see most decent 2nd hand bikes that im leaning toward, bandit, zeal, hornet, cb, seem to be 5 to 7grand, whilst the hyosung new is 5.6k without orc, why would i go 2nd hand?
    Anyways I'll have fun browsing the forums to get peoples opinions on various bikes.

  2. Welcome Steve!
  3. You can get a good bike with rego and RWC from $3000-$4000

    I got a FZR250 93 28,000 kms with rego till December for $3500.
  4. Go on. Think about it about it for a minute.. Just a minute.

    What does it tell ya if the new hyosung is less than a good 2nd bike?? :LOL:

    Welcome anyway Steve. You've come to a good site. :grin:

    Truely you have.. wink3.


  5. Hi Steve, welcome to Netrider :grin: have a look at the VTR250 great bike for a first timer, plenty of good second hand ones around as well.
  6. Welcome Steve!
    I'm not sure what the situation is for the Hyos, but you might want to look at resale values of bikes, not just how much you pay up front. You might end up losing less by paying more for a 2nd hand one. Worth looking into.
  7. Welcome to the forums Steve, and good luck with getting a bike whatever it is you choose. :)

  8. Welcome, Steve; check out one of the half-dozen or so coffee nights around Melbourne, and you don't need to have the bike to attend :wink:.