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Hey guys

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dezerteagle, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. How's it going everyone?

    Been riding around 2 years now, have done 4 track days and have 3 more already lined up, so it's safe to say I'm a self-confessed track day Junkie.

    Current ride is an 03 R6, I'm located between Liverpool and Campbelltown, Sydney.

    Will be good to get on a ride with you guys.

    I would post a pic of the bike but I need 5 posts lol
  2. Welcome to Netrider :grin:

    There are a few sydney members around! so u will have people to ride with

    im good thanks & hungry :LOL: i need lunch don't know what though :shock: lol
  3. Try this; right on your doorstep.

    Netrider social night. Pancakes on the Rocks, Brien's Road, Northmead, tomorrow night at 7:30pm.......

    Oh, and welcome to Netrider!
  4. Welcome Dezerteagle [​IMG]
  5. That waving hand nearly put me to sleep! :LOL:

    Welcome to the forum Dezerteagle.
  6. [​IMG] Hi dude

    Not too bad thanks. Although my eyes have been a pain in the ar$e, but getting better now...

    Arrggh... I'm so envious! How can you afford to go to so many?

    Anyway, enjoy the road.
  7. It's going great, thanks for asking :grin: Welcome to you and your R6 too.

    ... me too. Then the turtle stares deeeeep into your eyes and MG's sparkly 'welcome' sign just finishes you off.... :shock: I've been hip snow tyzed.