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Hey guys

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Benno, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Hey there!

    I've been riding for a while, and finally found a net forum for other enthusiasts! I'm a kawasaki man, and have just got myself a new ZX10R. Just thought I'd say hello, and post a pic of my bike :LOL:

  2. Yum =P~

    Oh and welcome to the forums Benno :D
  3. lucky bugger

    welcome to netrider!
  4. Sorry bout the kwaka :p but welcome to netrider :D .
  5. Welcome benno, nice bike! How far is Cobar from Sydney?
  6. Hello and welcome.

    Stay safe

  7. I call first dibs on his bike! :p

    Welcome bud.
  8. Cobar is about 650 km's west of Sydney.
  9. nice bike Benno!
    i test one of those when i was looking for a new bike, had the biggest smile on face the whole time. But realised that i'd lose my licence and probably kill myself if i got one, so i got a 636 instead. Still an awesome bike :D
  10. Beautiful Bike Benno! I call second dibs!! :LOL:

    Welcome to the forums! :D :D
  11. Welcome to the mad world of NetRider Benno.

    Nice bike too.... swap you for the Across?? :p

  12. hrmm, that's a tough decision :D

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys